Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

In today’s world, our jobs dictate our lifestyle and personality. All jobs in the world come with their varied pros and cons. Often, we are required to make a difficult trade-off between job satisfaction and higher pay. However, there also exist jobs where the worries transcend such choices. Certain jobs that people take up either voluntarily or involuntarily, are dangerous in nature and can be threatening to one’s life. Yet, these jobs have to be done as they are in some cases, a necessary means of income for people. The following is a list of some of the most dangerous jobs in the world:

10. Construction Worker

The job of a construction worker involves intense hours of hard labor and working in difficult conditions. They need to handle coarse raw materials like bricks, cement, sand, and gravel for day-to-day tasks. In countries like India, where labor is cheap and unskilled, working conditions are inhumane as workers often have little safety equipment. They handle materials with their bare hands, and carry heavy loads from site to site on their backs and heads. Accidents on construction sites are also common. With the amount of complex machinery, and the tall heights of buildings nowadays, injuries take place frequently. There is also the risk of falling to death from the building under construction.

9. Electrician

After water, electricity is one of the most fundamental utilities needed for our daily sustenance. While electricity is available to us easily, it is not as easy for the people who bring it to us. Power outages, short circuits, domestic problems – all require electricians to fix them. The job of an electrician involves a high amount of danger. They are in direct contact with live wires and circuits while fixing issues, making them prone to powerful electric shocks. Moreover, they are even required to climb tall poles and towers, which exposes them to the risk of falling from such heights.

8. Stuntmen

Stuntmen appear to be the most daring and fearless persons when viewed on television or in stunt shows and competitions. However, only they truly know the amount of risks they take in order to do their jobs. Be it jumping from buildings, running through fire, or riding vehicles in dangerous ways – they perform the most extreme tasks. While we may see them and get entertained, and consider them to perform their tasks with ease, only they truly know the amount of courage that goes into performing their job. They belong to one of the few sets professionals who risk their lives and play with danger in order to make their livelihood.

7. Mountain Guide

Mountain climbing is a deceptively difficult job. Unlike trekking or rock climbing, mountain climbing requires intense amounts of stamina, determination, and courage. While mountaineers do so as an occasional activity, mountain guides are required to perform this dangerous job on a daily basis. As they are the leaders of group, they always have to be at the forefront, deciding the way and ensuring that it is safe for the others. Especially in mountains like the Himalayas, where weather conditions are extreme and breathing is difficult at higher altitudes, the jobs of mountain guides are made even tougher.

6. Sanitation Workers

Cleanliness and hygiene are essential to maintain an environment that is disease-free. Sanitation workers ensure this by disposing our waste properly. While our jobs are only limited to taking out the trash, it is these hardworking individuals who remove the trash from our vicinity, sometimes using their own hands to so. It may not seem so, but sanitation workers are often exposed to various risks while doing their jobs. Contracting diseases from handling waste does not take much time. This is more so in case of those workers who handle radioactive and biomedical waste, which has the potential of causing life-threatening diseases.

5. Firefighters

The jobs of firefighters are very strenuous, not to forget extremely dangerous as well. They have to constantly be alert and prepared for any emergency that might arise. Situations in their job are highly unpredictable. There’s no knowing how bad a fire can get. Firefighters often have to give up on their personal lives and give in their best for the safety of the public. They often have to enter blazing buildings to rescue people, and fighting large fires can sometimes take even days. They take up all these risks as a part of their daily job – doing what they can for the masses.

4. Bush Pilots

Flying a plane has its own pros and cons. On one hand, there’s the elegant feeling of being a master of the sky and commandeering a plane. On the other, there is a constant risk of any unpredictable issue or disaster that might arise. These chances of these risks converting into reality is much higher for bush pilots. As they are required to fly over uneven terrains without proper landing grounds, they have to be extremely dexterous and alert at their job. Malfunctions like engine failures and running out of fuel are common, putting them in dangerous situations as they often do not even have access to proper airstrips and runaways.


3. Lumberjacks

Lumberjacks are frequently involved in intensive tasks. Their job involves chopping down trees, sawing them into timber logs and transporting them. This leaves them highly prone to accidents as most forests are on hilly landscapes. Falling trees and landslides are quite common, and many lumberjacks end up injuring themselves or losing their lives in the process. Despite how many precautions they might take, such accidents are often unpredictable. They risk their lives on a daily basis, performing such hard jobs and knowing that they might not get back home in one piece at the end of the day.

2. Miners

The mining industry is a colossal one globally. Millions of miners are a part of this dangerous industry, working in the most difficult environments. While they spend their time underground, there are chances of various mishaps. Mine blasts, gas leaks, suffocation, and mine collapses can not only injure, but also kill miners. Working conditions in mines are very poor and miners can also contract dangerous diseases because of the amount of dust and chemicals present.

1. Military personnel

A military personnel job is one of the most dangerous and difficult in the world. They are required to go through intense training, live in severe conditions, and always be prepared for unfriendly situations. Even today, various army men are stationed in conflict zones around the world. Their jobs require them to sacrifice everything for their country and people. Military personnel often have to go without food and water while doing their job. In fact, they even sacrifice their sleep to ensure that their people can sleep in peace. In today’s world, the geopolitical scenario is tense and uncertain. This has made the role of military personnel even more important, and at the same time, more dangerous as well.


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