In today’s world, it has become a major need for people to be fit and healthy. Individuals have become increasingly aware of their bodies and how they look. Gyms and fitness centers have greatly benefited from this influx of fitness-conscious individuals. However, lifting heavy weights and chugging protein shakes isn’t the only solution. Engaging in sports and physical activities is a great form of losing body fat and improving stamina. More and more people need to actively participate in sports – not only for themselves but also for the sake of creating awareness. Here’s a list of demanding sports that will test your stamina, and make you a fitter, fresher person:

10. Swimming

Swimming often seems to be an easy hobby. Only if you’re relaxing in one part of the pool. Being able to complete laps of even average-sized swimming pools is an exhausting activity, and requires a ton of stamina. It tests the strength and capacity of your entire body, from how fast you can paddle your legs to how efficiently you can swing your arms. In fact, it also keeps a good check on how well you can control your breathing. Swimming is a well-recommended exercise for cardiovascular workouts, and also helps boost your stamina.

9. Hockey

Twenty men chasing a small ball with sticks in their hands is not an easy task. The sport of hockey requires a lot of concentration and skill. When multiple players are aiming for one ball with four feet long sticks, a lot of precision is required. Also, injuries are frequent. The intense dribbling and balance that is required in hockey are what particularly makes the sport a stamina draining one. Maneuvering the stick from side to side and getting the ball through players add to the thrill of the game. Hockey is a great game to improve your fitness, speed, and body balance.

8. Tennis

If watching tennis can be so engrossing, playing it is literally an entire ballgame in itself. Played in the format of singles or doubles, the sport requires a lot of stamina to survive through sets. Knocking the ball from one side of the court with immense arm strength, and immediately running to the other end to smash the opponent’s response is not as easy as it seems. The sport requires a lot of agility, spontaneity, and hand-eye coordination. Above all, it’s a great activity to get fit, keep your muscles, and augment your stamina.

7. Rowing

Unlike the other sports on this list that require you to constantly run from place to place, rowing only requires you to be seated in a boat and to keep your arms moving. However, don’t be so easily fooled. While seated in the boat, your arms have to keep moving continuously, as they push the large oars. Rowing races are often a few kilometers long, and even though you have the support of your team members, things can get quite strenuous. The sport undoubtedly puts your stamina and resistance to the test and makes you stronger despite making only your upper body do all the work.

6. Football

One of the most played and popular sports around the world, football or soccer, is known to all for the sheer thrill of running around with and kicking the ball. Whether you lead the front as the striker or hold the fort as the goalkeeper, your body’s vitality will be put to the test while playing a ninety minute game of football. Every position on the field requires a considerable amount of running and can tire you quickly if you don’t possess adequate stamina. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your physical activity, get on the field and get kicking already!

5. Cycling

While cycling is often perceived as a convenient pastime or mode of transport, professional road cycling is not the easiest of sports. Pedaling for long distances, in kilometers and miles, can be quite grueling on the body. One of the best ways of cardiovascular exercise, cycling not only strengthens and toughens your calf muscles but also toughens your core. Moreover, the constant pedaling requires you to demonstrate how much stamina your body has and also helps increase it. The next time you want to go somewhere distant and burn some fat simultaneously, grab a cycle and pedal all the way.

4. Squash

Another racket sport like tennis that requires intense physical activity, squash is not child’s play. The sport is played in a small court, against a wall and demands players to constantly move back and forth as well as side-to-side. There is a lot of precision involved, given the squash ball is tiny and moves at lightning fast speed across the court. Squash flexes every muscle in your body and is the ultimate test of your hand-eye coordination. The sport is bound to drain you out of stamina soon and is a great way to improve your body’s physical capabilities.

3. Wrestling

Wrestling is a sport that ironically requires a lot of discipline, dedication, and training. The combat sport can be very demanding on your body as it tests not only your physical strength but also your stamina. Besides maintaining body balance, planning your moves, and actually executing them, you need to predict your opponent’s actions as well in order to be victorious. Learning the sport can be tough, but if practiced and followed properly, it can improve your body shape, physical strength, and stamina significantly.


Basketball is much more than shooting balls into hoops. The sport, played by two teams of five, will not leave you standing still for even a half-second during play. Baskets are scored within seconds and players have to keep running with or without the ball back and forth. It all comes down to being able to score more, and preventing your opponents from doing so. The sport can be extremely intense on your body and will leave you on the ground if you don’t have sufficient stamina. You can burn a substantial amount of calories and enhance your physical capabilities and stamina by playing a single, entire game of basketball.

1. Boxing

The ultimate test of endurance and stamina, boxing is one of the harshest sports. Physical strength, agility, stamina, resilience, strategy – all are put to the test in this demanding sport. When you’re in the quadrangle with the opponent, victory does not come easily. The sport often results in various injuries, particularly to the face and ribs. Matches can get brutal and blood is also shed, despite wearing adequate guarding equipment. If you’re looking for a challenging sport that will push your limits, then boxing is definitely it. The sport is bound to improve your stamina, endurance, physical strength, and make you a stronger version of yourself.