Top 10 most difficult subjects to study


The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well.

– John D. Rockefeller

Learning is so smooth when we are interested.

It is so common with all of us that we love one subject and hate another, we attend one class and without remorse bunk another, we take notes of one lecture and skip another? Why are we so peculiar? Well it is because some subjects trigger our interest and make us crave them even more while some remains nonchalant. It do make that subject quite difficult for us but nevertheless every subjects has got its own complexities and difficulties.

Some subjects revolves around logics and practicality while some are theories and stories of countless pages, some are useful in daily life and some are made for particular professions. Every subject is important in it’s own way but there is a general view about difficulty level of these subjects.


Why a certain subject is considered hard and others easy in comparison to it? The answer is the major population and how they perceive these subjects. When a subject is considered tough it is so because it is tough for most of the people in the crowd and there are very few people in the proportion who pursue it and succeed in it. It involves abstract thinking and complicated concepts which are typically not easy to grasp. So that’s how a subject is given the tag of a difficult subject.

Here we have prepared a list of the top 10 difficult subjects:

10) Art & Craft

Art and craft is not the mainstream subject but it is definitely one of the subjects hard to master. Its level increases from just drawing in primary school to oil paintings, human portraits, fantasy and abstract art. Fantasy art is something born out of pure imaginations and abstract art is the form of art where your paints running randomly on a blank canvas. Abstract art may sound easy but it is an art beyond the theme or subject but only have an inner sense of guidance to your paints. Art n craft is difficult because it cannot be learned in a day or few months but it is earned through years of patience and dedication along with a creative and imaginative skull who can use art to express anything to the world which can only recognize words.


English is probably the only subject in everybody’s life on which nobody has paid much attention. The reason may vary from individual circumstances, for some maybe it was not really tough to invest so much, for some it was not their mother tongue so never bothered but literature is one of those subjects that knows no bound. World’s literature is so huge and complex at the same time that it might take forever still some things would leave out. We never really considered it so difficult because we never really went into the depths of the subject. English literature is comprised of tons of beautiful poems, stories, novels. Every writer, author and poet has their own style and understanding of a text. Interpreting their meanings and decoding their figure of speech is indeed a tough job.

8)Foreign languages

The world has certainly shrunk after a number of devices has found their way into our world and numerous discoveries, responsible to establish spontaneous and quick communications worldwide but one thing is still a hindrance in mass communication which are linguistic differences. Every country has their own mother tongue and a national language which native speak and understand but to interact we need a mediator, a translator that’s where the role of those who pursue courses in foreign languages steps in. Everybody is familiar, comfortable and accustomed to their national language but it takes a lot of patience and a strong commitment to learn something out of your league especially when your family, colleagues, friends do not speak that language. When it is not something your tongue blurts out naturally.

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Accounts one of the vital subjects of the commerce stream and considered really tough. It requires regular rigorous practice and everyday efforts. Applying different concepts in a single question is something where everybody stuck. Accounts further lead to chartered accounting which is a  dream to study for many commerce students but not everyone makes it through. The level of accountancy in CA is so tough that people take several years to crack the exam.


Biology which further becomes the medical field is again one of the toughest subjects to study. It talks about human anatomy to plant psychology, cell theory and evolution to the present day. Biology is a fascinating subject to study, every line awoke wow and a sense of surprise but it doesn’t mean it is easy. Reading it is different but pursuing it is a different difficult job. It involves numberless pages of theory and every line has a detail to remember. Technically, you have to memorize the whole book and maybe even beyond that with hard scientific names and facts.


One of the most captivating subjects of all is history. It centres on past events and happenings around the world. It talks about the tradition, culture and rich heritage of glorious events. It always keeps the interest up, the more you read the more you want to know. It let you know the beginning of Kingdoms, the fall of empires, the invasions and industrialization, developments of different era. It is no doubt intriguing but it gets really tough when you need to remember the dates and order of events. The texts contain a plethora of details that are always quite difficult to learn and keeping them forever in mind. Understanding the culture and tradition of other regions is equally a tough task.


Programming is evolving as a new crucial field in the academic curriculum. The subject is very important in terms of the dynamic world , presently every company wants to invest in the skilled individuals who know how to code. We are living in a world where machines are dominating because of their accuracy and efficiency. Computers are a basic necessity from managing accounts to holding data, from designing promotional web pages to creating amazing applications. We need a way to interact with computers so programming is one such language to command computers and use it for countless purposes. Several famous programming languages include Java, Python, C++. We are moving ahead each day in technology and programming is the foundation of our movement.

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Most people fear maths in their Academic life. Even those who love the subject sometimes end up screwed by the same because of its highly numerical and tricky approach to solve problems. Mathematics has plenty of concepts, uncountable formulas, multiple theorems and their wide applications. In order to master the subject, your presence of mind and problem-solving capability should be above average. Mathematical operations are a form of abstract thinking which is very hard to kick in when we want to, it can only be achieved with rigorous practice and intense passion for the subject.


Chemistry is one of the major science subjects and known for its practicality. This is the only subject where you can’t learn without labs, it involves chemicals, reactions, results and much more which can only be demonstrated and understood well by the experiments. Chemistry has so much to offer in theory as well, it takes into account the molecular level of particles present around us and studies them. Chemistry is so tough and the reason is its experimental way of learning and ORGANIC aspect which people find extremely difficult to memorize and then apply it. Organic chemistry has a very vast syllabus and it has low or negligible connectivity to everyday life which makes it so difficult.


The major population perceive physics as the toughest among all. It has many branches like electromagnetism, quantum theory, modern physics and the list can go on forever. It shows how the subject has evolved over the year by introducing the innumerable concept to its umbrella. Physics also uses mathematics as a tool to solve its problems hence the subject is a combination of the two toughest fields. Physics can be a subject which is easy to relate to daily life, it often uses examples that exist in real life. It is indeed a piece of good news for them who want to learn it but at the same time it enhances the range of the subject from daily life problems to mathematical queries,  from experimental questions to future possibilities and practicality.