It is a common occurrence for people to spend their entire lives in their motherland, growing up and living there till their last days. We owe a basic responsibility to the nation that gave us a home, and we strive to serve it in our own way. However, recent trends have shown that an increasing number of individuals prefer to move to greener pastures. Everyone aspires to procure a good lifestyle, a healthy environment, and stable living conditions. The following is a list of countries, ranked in terms of quality of life and citizens’ well-being, making the countries some of the most livable ones in the world:

10. Canada

The land of maple syrup has been in the limelight for the past few decades for being one of the most easygoing places to live in. The Canadian economy has grown significantly since the start of the 21st century, making it a cardinal hub for immigrants. Employment rates are high and the cost of living is not too harsh on the pocket, thereby making it an optimum place for those seeking to build a career and starting a family. Although the winters can get cold, the country’s beauty is breathtaking, especially when it comes to wonders like the Niagara Falls.

9. Iceland

Mountains, valleys, volcanoes, and endless expanses of green – all can be found in abundance in the Nordic island of Iceland. Iceland is one of the most productive countries in the world and is also pioneering the use of renewable energy sources. Low crime rates and advanced education systems have enabled the country to experience substantial growth. Due to the low population and low rate of unemployment, wages are above satisfactory in Iceland, making the quality of living excellent there. If you’re looking for a life full of peace and stability, Iceland is the go-to place for you.

8. Ireland

The emerald isle has consistently been on various lists of countries with the best quality of life. The people of Ireland are extremely warm and friendly, always cheerful and willing to raise a toast. A significant majority of Ireland’s citizens are able to afford to house and live comfortably – primarily due to the above satisfactory job market and wages. There is plenty of free space in the country, and the housing industry is continuously developing, providing opportunities for immigrants to settle and contribute to the country’s economy. Beer lovers and sports enthusiasts – this is where you need to be!

7. The Netherlands

One of the most liberal countries in the world, The Netherlands is renowned for its progressive policies and laws, and social tolerance. Often visited during the vacations, the country also happens to be a great place to live in. Its economy has been booming with a high GDP per capita and rich reserves of natural resources. Healthcare and education are affordable and highly developed in the country, making it ideal for people to start families. Above all, the work-life balance is optimum, making the quality of life excellent. Various surveys have shown that people living in The Netherlands tend to be happy and satisfied with their lives.

6. Singapore

The island country of Singapore is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Singapore has performed excessively well in multiple fields – ranging from trade & commerce, to finance and technology. It is highly advanced in terms of innovation, making it a sought-after place by corporate giants all around the world to set up their offices in the Asian continent. Although living in Singapore can be exorbitant, the high quality of life in terms of healthcare, education, housing make it worth the pennies spent. For those well-suited to fast-paced lives that are filled with comfort, yet challenging, Singapore is definitely the place to be.

5. Denmark

The Scandinavian nation of Denmark might not always make it to the headlines in terms of major events or occurrences. However, the country has reached the peaks of economic development and living standards. Labor conditions are above satisfactory here and wage equality has been consistently maintained, leading to high levels of job satisfaction. Science finds its place very high in Denmark, leading to high levels of technological developments in varying sectors such as agriculture and trade. Although tax rates are high, additional green flags like low corruption rates make Denmark one of the most livable countries in the world.

4. Germany

Automobiles, technology, football – all significantly characterise the powerful state of Germany. One of the most developed countries in the world, Germany ranks high on multiple indices, especially the Human Development Index. Its highly productive automobile industry and the presence of major global companies make it a key junction for European trade and commerce. All of these factors combined have led to high wages for employees, excellent working conditions for all types of labor, and improved housing facilities. Living in Germany more often than not equates to living contently, and living successfully.

3. Switzerland

Unarguably one of the most scenic countries in the world, known for its snow-capped mountain peaks and lush meadows, Switzerland the country made of dreams. The country is highly developed and most of its residents are affluent. Economically advanced as well as technologically proficient, Switzerland has outdone its counterparts in a variety of fields. Average monthly incomes for the Swiss are well above global standards, ensuring financial prosperity for most of them. Above all, the quality of life is extremely high. Most residents live in luxury, breath clean air, and work in sophisticated environments.

2. Australia

Rich wildlife, diverse marine ecosystems, developed cities, and hectares of savanna – there is hardly a thing that Australia lacks. The continent/country, with its substantially low population density, has a well-growing economy. With every passing year, more and more people immigrate to Australia in hopes of finding better lifestyles and living conditions – and reports show that they do. The average wealth of its citizens is almost at par with those of Switzerland. They also enjoy significant economic freedom, among other social liberties. Although real estate in Australia is slightly expensive, over time people have managed to ameliorate their average conditions into better alternatives.

1. Norway

The remote peninsula of Norway, full of its signature fjords, lies far to the north of Europe. The country might not have a lot of citizens, but is a prime example of quality living. High per-capita incomes, low crime rates, and superior health care systems make it an ideal place to live in. Although its winters can be demanding, the beauty of the Northern Lights undoubtedly makes up for the cold. With one of the highest scores on the Human Development Index, Norway sets an example for all countries to follow. Its living conditions are excellent, and most importantly, its citizens are the happiest.