If you truly enjoy watching films in your free time, you have definitely tried to do some research about your favorite actors and actresses. What if I told you there were some things about these celebrities that you did not know about? Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, here is a list of the top 10 actors and actresses who you have definitely seen on the big screen and some of their talents that go beyond just acting. It is very easy to gauge the talent of a celebrity when they are on the big screen, but here are some things your favorites are great out behind the scenes. I’m sure you’re excited, so why wait any longer? Let’s dive right into it!

Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.
– Sanford Meisner

  1. Kate Beckinsale

This truly talented and stunning actress has always been regarded as one who pushes boundaries and emerges victorious despite it all. She is famous for her work in films like Underworld, Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing, Click, Total Recall, etc. One more accolade that can be added to the long list of her talents is her flair for words. Kate Beckinsale is known for writing award-winning short stories in her younger days and was also awarded the prestigious national W.H. Smith Literary Award twice in a row. She is also an actress who knows about seven languages and has a lot up her sleeve.

  1. Jimmy Stewart

Best known for his films like it’s a Wonderful Life, Rope, The Philadelphia Story, etc., this is an actor who made a name for himself with years of hard-word and dedication. He is indeed one of the most legendary film actors and theatre actors the world has seen. However, you will be surprised to know that he is also an architectural genius. His great work got him a graduate scholarship, and he was one of the brightest at his institute. However, due to the lack of work available in the field, he changed his path and took up theatre.

  1. Christina Hendricks

This actress is popularly known for her role in films like Fist Fight, Crooked House, Life as we Know it, Bad Santa 2, and many more. She is an actress who took up the accordion as her instrument of choice and shocked people across the globe. On the show Mad Men, the actress played her instrument flawlessly, and viewers thought it was a staged performance. However, the actress is a trainer player and will be sure to blow your mind away with her exceptional talent.

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  1. Harrison Ford

If you’ve watched The Call of the Wild, The Devil’s Own, Ender’s Game, Air Force One, you will be sure to know who this multi-talented actor is. This actor soars successfully in each film he takes up, but will you be surprised if I tell you he soars in more ways than one? Well, it’s true. Ford is an experienced pilot and enjoys each experience he has way above the clouds. Not only does he enjoy his adventures, but he has also helped those in need with this talent of his. He once took medical supplies to Haiti and rescued people in distress. He occasionally also keeps guard at the Hudson River in a helicopter.

  1. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is an actress popularly known for her role in films like Birdbox, The Proposal, Ocean’s 8, Speed, and many other top-notch ones. The actress also won an Oscar for her role in the film The Blind Side that touched the hearts of many. However, this actress has a lot more than acting up her sleeve. As her mother was a German opera singer, she learned to speak the language as well. Additionally, she also performed in a few of her mother’s productions. Interesting, isn’t it?


  1. Heidi Klum

This actress was an integral part of the modeling industry once upon a time. She has been featured in magazines like Vogue, Elle, InStyle, and many more. It was after she took a step away from the world of modeling that she became a prominent host on the show Project Runway. She is one that has her hands in many pies and also finds the time to paint and express her creative side amidst her busy life. A number of art magazines have featured this talented actresses’ work, and she has gained a number of followers, not only for her acting and modeling but also for her art. The actress worked alongside Sandra Bullock in Ocean’s 8 and also starred in films like Ella Enchanted, Making the Cut, Arctic Dogs, Perfect Stranger, and many others.

  1. Pierce Brosnan

If you’re a James Bond fan, you definitely know that Pierce Brosnan was the fifth talented individual to take to the screen and play his role. The actor went to drama school for three years and has won two Golden Globe awards ever since. He has truly come a long way, hasn’t he? An exciting detail about his life is that he once attended a fire-eating workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The actor also has an eye for art and is trained in the field of commercial illustration and also worked as a furniture illustrator after his course. Additionally, he is also an activist by nature and was the ambassador of UNICEF Ireland in 2001.

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  1. Ayushmann Khurrana

Right from being a television host, actor, singer, and guitar player, this Indian actor has done it all. He is commonly known for taking up roles in films that deal with social issues and breaking norms. His films push boundaries and urge viewers to put on their thinking caps. He was also featured in Time’s magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Singing was always one of his many passions, and the actor took it up professionally in 2004 and won over the audience with his heart-warming tunes. He is also an instrumentalist and won a Filmfare award for his song, Panni Da Rang.

  1. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is commonly known as an actor and also as a filmmaker. He is one of the highly-grossing individuals on this list and in the film industry. He is best known for his role in the Fast & Furious franchise and won the hearts of many through his work. Now, what you need to do is close your eyes and picture a game designer. I bet you didn’t imagine Vin Diesel, did you? Well, this well-acclaimed actor is also a talented game designer. The game that inspired him to get on this path was Dungeons & Dragons, a game that gripped him for over 20 years. It is after this that the actor built his own development house and developed a game.

  1. Natalie Portman

Popularly known for her fantastic role in Black Swan, The Professional, Thor, Closer, and many more, this multi-talented actress took to the big screen and left the audience in awe. However, this is not her only talent. She is also a Harvard graduate with a degree in Psychology. She has also written and published two scientific research papers. Quite surprising, isn’t it? Natalie Portman’s life journey goes to show that one must never judge a book by its cover.