Top 10 Popular Conspiracy Theories That Are Almost Believable

In 2003, Avil Lavigne died and her doppelganger Melissa has been moonlighting as a pop sensation since. Or that’s what seems to be the consensus amongst fans. Unlikely, but the theory sparked a good amount of debate and had fans conducting research and gathering proof.  True or not, conspiracy theories are fun to discuss. It speaks of secret organizations and amplified dark intentions. Implausible events are always easier to believe in than to deal with the force of sad coincidences that is life. Plus, they always make for a good tea-time story. Let’s take a look at some of the most believable conspiracy theories to date.

10. New World Order

Closely linked with the Illuminati and Freemason, there is actually a powerful elite hiding among us who plans to rule the world one day. A totalitarian government where democracy would be a foregone concept, this is supposedly the culmination of all the world events and history. Influential politicians, businessmen, people of the high-class society work under this person and will likely hand over the power they possess once all nefarious plans are set in motion. This theory explains all world crisis, economic falls and booms, and illogical policies as planned events to achieve the New World.

9. The Illuminati

Once a gathering of academically gifted liberal thinkers working secretly to change the view of the church, the Illuminati were bashed and outlawed by then rulers and priests.  Now, they’re a supposedly still working in secret society of politicians, bankers, entrepreneurs, actors, singers and basically anyone with power who control the world events with their target of achieving New World Order.  Other than having an actual place in history once upon a time, what gives their existence some credence is the confirmation from Paul Hellyer, former Defense Minister of Canada, that not only are they real, but most of these people are running the oil industry and have the technology that could reverse the effect of climate change but won’t use it.

8. Men In Black

The theory responsible for the Men In Black series, whether they are real or not, we certainly owe this conspiracy theory for providing us enough ammunition to make a film consisting entirely of great action, laughter, and Will Smith. Generally linked with UFO conspiracy theories,  these are men dressed in immaculate black suits from top to bottom, most probably working with government or secret organizations, who harass UFO witnesses so that they keep quiet. These men with plastic smooth skin who lack eyebrows, eyelashes and are bald individuals, the chances of them being aliens are high. There’s also the suspicion that these men have dug their polished clean nails on memory-wiping technology. There are actual hazy pictures and footages of these men, which makes the whole situation fascinating and terrifying.

7. False History

This one’s actually pretty high on the possibility scale, that is, if you compare it to the possibility of aliens. First hypothesized by Heribert Illig, it states that 297 extra years have been added to the early middle ages for the selfish purposes of Otto III, Pope Sylvester II, and Constantine VII. They were desperate to be part of the special year of 1000 AD, enough that they forged documents and destroyed evidence to effectively create a phantom timeline. Mainstream historians, of course, refute this claim entirely.

6. Fake Moon Landing

One of the most important historical events in science could very well be a Now You See Me movie coming to life, according to this conspiracy theory. NASA is actually the creator of an elaborate hoax- that is the six-man moon landing incident. That’s not all, tampering and destruction of TV and Radio transmissions are also part of the crime list. NASA also isn’t above falsifying moon rock sampled and killing witnesses.

5. The Cure For Cance Incident

The Food And Drug Administration department found the cure for cancer in 1964. When the pharmaceutical companies and medical industry began to bash the vitamin that could save human lives, the FDA had no choice but to deny the existence of the cure. Because the medical industry was unable to patent the vitamin, it was better for them to remove the cure’s existence. The billion-dollar cancer industry could turn into pieces in the case of a discovery of a cure, or that’s what the justification appears to be with regard to this decision. We’ll never know if it’s true or not, but let’s hope we do find the cure one day.

4. The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

The subjection to various conspiracy theory of the assassination of John. F. Kennedy’s death has been so severe over the years that it’s hard to keep track or mention only one. An incident with a large audience as witnesses, the assassination has been the center of speculation for a long time, mainly due to its lack of a perpetrator. And so, the 35th US President JFK’s assassination’s suspects have ranged from CIA, mafia to his then vice president, to the Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro. It’s entirely possible one of the conspiracy theories is an actual reality or maybe even none of them are.

3. Roswell UFO Incident

1947 witnessed the release of a press release from the United States Air Force that stated a flying disk has been recovered near Roswell, Mexico. However, it was quickly reversed and revealed that a weather balloon had been mistakenly identified as a UFO. This led to widespread speculation over the years but it wasn’t until a retired Brigadier General claimed that a spacecraft indeed landed in Roswell and had aliens in them. The US governments covered this up for unclear reasons. Over the years, the Roswell incident has gone through numerous examinations and still continues to gather mass intrigue.

2. Flat Earth

Aristotle might have a few choicest words to say about this theory. Fortunately or not, he isn’t around to see the world after the Internet. As the word suggests, the believers of this theory claim the earth is flat because it looks and feels that way and ignorance is dished out to all evidence, starting with satellite pictures and videos to lunar eclipse and all associated logical arguments that prove otherwise. Earth’s actually disk-like in shape and Antarctica is a 150-foot wall of ice which NASA is currently guarding. This wall keeps people from climbing over the wall and falling off into the void. NASA is again the villain in this scenario who has created all kinds of illusions to make us believe Earth is round.

1. Ruled By Lizard People

In which world would this not be believable? Shapeshifting intelligent lizards who can take human form and plan to use this power to rule the world exists. David Icke, one of the most well-known conspiracy theorists out there, believes in this reality with his heart and claims Queen Elizabeth, George W. Bush, the Clintons belong to the group. Either Lizard people are part of the government or are working in cahoots with the government. They have their slimy hands on the Illuminati and Freemason as well. These people are original inhabitants of the constellations of Draco, Sirius, and Orion. In other words, we might be living with aliens and haven’t even realized it yet!

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