Entering college is like embarking upon a new journey with a bunch of strangers who will eventually become your friends to death and a hostel room – a messy unorganized place ended up becoming your sweet home.

Hostel life can be tough and tiresome but indeed it is one of the best experiences. Those who have been in college hostel must be tracing down the line of nostalgic memories, no matter how much complaints they had with the place, it will always remain the best part of their college lives. Those who have not lived the hostel life, wish to, once in their lifetime.

Nothing in the world can replace the comfort and luxuries of our home but people travel, changes accommodation, for job opportunities or study purposes and grew to call an unknown place home but every coin has two faces so is college hostel. With fun and freedom comes unasked consequences that cannot be ignored so here is the list of ten pros and cons associated with hostel life:



5.No more tiring travel

Though it sounds fun to travel all by yourself from home to college or college to home but on daily basis, it sucks and not to mention it costs really heavy. During festivals and function in college, the most difficult task is to reach there without spoiling your dress or get up. When you live in a college hostel, it seems so easy, no extra pennies for travelling, no need to be extra careful, no chances of getting late, just walk out of your room and boom! You are in college.

4.Undeniably strong bonding

People who go to college make friends but those who go to college hostel make a family. Far away from your loved ones, you tend to invest emotionally into your roomies, classmates and hostel peeps. When you go to a college hostel it is like one big family celebrating from birthdays to local festivals together, from planning mischievous deeds to doing group study together, sharing bedtime stories to exploring the city together, it all just fuels the unbreakable and unique bonds of the hostel lives. It also develops your interaction power and socialization skills.

3.Erudite discussions

Though hostels walls have heard enough of gossips and tittle-tattle but it is also a roof accommodating various people with numerous talents, experiences, interests and perspectives. It lead to intrigued conservations every now and then. You get exposed to different outlooks of life, get to know about the things, you were unaware of up till now, it expands your brain range to view the world away from your vision. Moreover, people from different cultural and social backgrounds add real-life knowledge to your existential state of mind. This cannot be achieved unless you meet and interact with people from different regions. It becomes easy to interact with your seniors, to grab something from their basket of experiences, to know how to move ahead in your college life or sometimes their guidance may work even after college.

 2.Learning self-dependency

Some things cannot be taught from books or learnt from a teacher. One of them is to become an independent responsible person. Hostel lives come with managing your finances, buying necessary items without spending much, learning basic cooking at least, cleaning your room and washing your laundry on your own and most important is to learn to be happy in doing all these everyday basic life stuff without whining. It is a perk of hostel life that it grants you freedom and responsibility simultaneously, no other means can really evolve you much. Some people even opt out for part-time jobs which are honestly incredible.

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 1.Active in college happenings

College hostels are active not only for class hours but after and before it as well. College hoteliers are involved much more in college activities than other off-campus students because they are in constant touch with seniors, they are living 24/7 in the college, they are part of all those important conversations and any news or update spread like a fire in college hostels. If they want they can propose their ideas on the same or take a charge. Important entities always know these people and prefer them also because they can serve for longer durations than anybody who reaches college after hours of travelling. They have no issues with staying back after college hours. Easy accessibility to college library even at odd timings, sports ground availability all the time, all this explains well why hoteliers are so active throughout college life.


5.Indulging in bad habits

Many students who get enrolled in college hostel don’t know how to handle so much freedom and end up getting trapped in a vicious cycle of alcohol consumption and drug intake. It is so easy to get influence by the alluring web of smoking and drinking when you are all alone away from your family and their guidance. The college hostel’s life is fun but you need to be extra careful about slipping away into bad company or dangerous habits.

4.Mess food

One biggest disadvantage of living in a college hostel is not getting to eat homemade food. Mom’s hand food is the major missing everybody faces in the college hostel for years. It is so easily available at home that we never do realize its value until we have to manage with not so tongue friendly food. It depends on institutions where the food is served, somewhere it is so horrible that it causes stomach ache and indigestion and somewhere it is perfectly fine but one thing is certain that no mess food can ever surpass the quality and hygienic standards of our homemade food. 

3.No privacy

Sharing a room with one or two-person no matter how nice they are to you, snatches away a sense of privacy. It is crazy and enjoyable to have roomies but when it comes to personal space or confidential conversations or intimate stuff, having roomies become a problem. You have one room, you cannot escape it and even if you just want to have me time reading a book on a peaceful afternoon, you cannot stop others from talking, giggling or having their own moments. So in a way, it’s annoying to be always surrounded by people. It’s the reason why it is so important to get along with your roomies.


Though they save travelling cost but room rent, food and water supplies are costly with other facilities that vary from one place to another. College hostels are not so good either with the facilities they provide, no separate kitchen or something near to it or a mini-refrigerator at least. Somewhere there are air conditioners or generators and some hostels lack them. It is just quite expensive if we look at the facilities.

1.Too many restrictions

The authorities in charge of the hostels ensure the safety of every student but several times they put too many dos and don’ts in the list. They have a strict timing to sleep, to wake up, for breakfast and then for an outing! Yes you heard it right in several college hostels you have to get signed a pass to go out from college campus and you will have only a countable number of outings in a week or so. Isn’t it frustrating? Nobody from outside except your family can easily visit your place and there are restricted number of visits. If you go out, you have to come back in a set time or hours which is irksome.