In today’s world, we all have 99 problems, why let dandruff be one of them? Having dandruff is one of the most common conditions amongst both men and women across the globe. Although it can be quite stubborn to get rid of, there are a few remedies you can try to bid it farewell for good. These remedies are easy to use and convenient to prepare even on a busy day. So, let’s dive right into it!

10.Aloe vera gel

As I’m sure you’re well aware, aloe vera is a small succulent that is well-renowned for its wide array of healing properties. The gel this plant possesses in its leaves can aid in helping you tackle dry skin, burns, and also dandruff. This gel has several bioactive compounds like antioxidants and amino acids that play a major role in bidding dandruff goodbye. This gel also moisturizes the scalp and not only gets rid of your dandruff but also ensures it will never appear again. This product is easily available in its natural form and can also be availed of from departmental stores near you.

9.Use Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil is versatile in nature and is used for issues ranging from acne and dry skin to dandruff. What makes it just the right ingredient to get rid of dandruff is its compound, terpinene-4-ol. This compound is one that contains excellent antimicrobial properties and the ability to stop and reduce the growth of bacteria on the scalp. It is essential to remember not to use tea tree oil in its pure form directly on the scalp, as it can cause irritation and inflammation. You could alternatively mix a few drops of tea tree oil with your regular shampoo and have a clear scalp in no time.


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8.Lemongrass oil

Why use lemongrass only in your tea when it has a plethora of other benefits too? Apart from helping with digestion and blood pressure, it is also a fantastic remedy for dandruff. Similar to tea tree oil, lemongrass oil also contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help tackle a menace like dandruff. According to a 2015 study, lemongrass oil reduced dandruff by 81% just within two weeks. Seems great, doesn’t it? Like tea tree oil, this shouldn’t be applied directly to the scalp either, as so to prevent unnecessary irritation and allergic reactions. It is advisable to add a few drops of oil to your shampoo or conditioner to see it work its magic.


Can’t believe your eyes, can you? Well, apart from being used as a medication for pain relief, aspirin also contains salicylic acid, which is exactly what is used in most anti-dandruff shampoos available in the market. This acid helps reduce any infection or inflammation on the scalp, while also getting rid of unwanted dandruff flakes. To use this, you will need to crush about two uncoated aspirin tablets into a fine powder and mix it with your regular shampoo. Make sure to leave the solution on your scalp for a few minutes before you rinse your hair to get the best results.


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6.Baking soda

Hold on, another absurd ingredient to do away with dandruff? Well, I was as surprised as you are to learn that baking soda does wonders for getting rid of stubborn dandruff. Baking soda is essentially sodium bicarbonate, which helps with exfoliation and the removal of excessive and dead cells from the scalp. As you know, dandruff is caused by the build-up of fungus on the scalp, and the antifungal properties of baking soda help to do away with just that. It is important to remember to use baking soda in moderation, as excessive use can make your hair dry and void of natural oils.

5.Orange peel

As you know, orange peel contains calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A, which are all essential for a healthy scalp. To make this remedy, as you need to do is take an orange peel and squeeze a dash of orange juice on it. Now, grind this into a paste before you apply it to your scalp and leave it on for about half an hour. You can now wash it off with a regular or anti-dandruff shampoo. You can also add the orange peel mixture to coconut oil and enjoy a clear and healthy scalp.

4. Coconut oil

Now this is a rather common remedy for dandruff, isn’t it? Whether you have dandruff or not, you definitely know that the world sings its praises for all its excellent properties and qualities. Using coconut oil on your dry scalp is sure to help rejuvenate your scalp, moisturize it and prevent fungal growth. Heating the coconut oil slightly and gently massaging it into your scalp before you rinse it out is sure to leave you with lasting impacts. If you do not have access to pure coconut oil, you can also consider using a shampoo that contains it. Although nothing is better than the pure form, you will definitely see an improvement in your scalp.


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3.Egg yolk

Although I’m sure this makes a lot of people cringe, it is one of the most effective remedies to get rid of dandruff. All you need to do is apply egg yolk on your dry scalp and cover your head with a plastic bag for about half an hour. You can now wash your hair with any shampoo of your choice. You may want to consider washing your hair twice, to get rid of the odor the yolk may leave behind. You can also add two spoons of lime juice to curd and apply it to your scalp for better results.

2.Apple cider vinegar

To use this ingredient to wave dandruff goodbye, measure apple cider vinegar and water in two equal parts and mix the two together. Now, once you wash your hair, apply the mixture to your scalp. You must remember to massage your scalp and leave the solution on for about 15 minutes before you rinse your hair. Make sure you use apple cider vinegar in moderation, as excessive use may tend to damage your hair. Using the solution one to two times a week at the most will surely give you the desired outcome.

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If you do not have any of the above-mentioned ingredients at home, the curd is one that you will have stored away in your fridge for sure. Curd is one of the most effective methods to treat dandruff as it contains lactic acid that cleanses the scalp of all dead skin and impurities. All you need to do is apply surd to your scalp and hair and leave it in for about an hour. Once it dries, you can wash your hair and witness the magic for yourself.

It is important to note that having dandruff is a skin condition and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Although natural remedies exist, it is essential to eat healthy too, if you wish to have a clear scalp. Foods like walnuts, flaxseeds sweet potatoes, almonds, salmon, etc. help keep dandruff at bay. In addition to this, you now have a list of 10 remedies that can work to help you get rid of dandruff forever. So, why wait any longer? Get cracking, and figure out what works best for your type of hair and scalp, today!