Since the time you were cradled, till the last fleeting moment of life, a family happens to be one of the most integral support systems in one’s life. From trying to write that piece of composition “My Family” in early childhood days, we all have grown up to realize the true essence of contentment, each of our family members has to offer. The unconditional love and support extended from the near ones, help shape us as distinctive beings in the society. Try we might, but we can never negate the consequential impact of one’s upbringing that evidently transforms one into a better being. However, beyond the prescribed notion of considering those people as a family who is related to you by blood, there exist few others whom we choose in the roller-coaster journey of life, and they gradually become a part of us. Such people could be tagged along too as “family” as they stand by you throughout without flinching. So dedicating it to all our families, here is a list that might help you to rethink and contemplate about a family’s role in our individual lives.

1)Home Warmth.

Those four concrete walls that encompass you, would have remained cold if it hadn’t been for the family. Regulating immense warmth, a family is solely responsible for turning your house into a home which otherwise would have just been an existing non-entity. After a tired day, when you get back to the mouth-watering aroma of mother’s meals or see your sibling gearing up for the impending fight, then all other problems get relegated. The enveloping space of love and concern gets its life from the people that inhabit it.

2)You Belong!

The utmost sense of belonging that one treasure is initiated through the kindred ties. Come what may, days of rejoiced bliss or the turbulent storms, the extending arms of your family members would always remind one that You belong. This fruitful quality that gets imbibed through familial bonds, help one to procure connections with other beings in the wider world. As a result, the efficient growth of an entire society depends upon the singular unit of a family. Thus, man’s utmost need of social belonging as stated by psychologist Abraham Maslow, derives its fulfilment through a family.

3)Facing those crises.

Often in life, when we tend to dive into the nadir of despair, the strong support of the family members function as an effective remedy. Tackling the heap of difficulties becomes easier when patient ears pay heed to your adversities. Sometimes, the mere presence of the life givers and their acknowledgment that “You will overcome” help to re-initiate the lost trust that you had in your own self. Thus, the unflinching mental strength that one cultivates, has its basis in the familial values. Be it confidence or the very act of tackling a daunting task, you owe a lot to your family for what “You Are”.

4)Repository of Values.

Back in school, while attending those moral science classes, one must have been a part of those discussions regarding the intrinsic nature of values which help in our becoming of responsible and sensible beings in the society. Certain inherent qualities that distinguish us from other living beings is simply because of our growing up amidst an environment of determinate values. At the very core of one’s being, lies his fundamental principles that allow him to judiciously adopt and adapt for his productive survival. The joy of sharing, the satisfaction in helping, the felicity of integrity, the gladness in shouldering of responsibilities, are distinctly bestowed upon a person in the presence of the folks.

5)Lender of Last Resort.

Remember that piggy bank you once possessed? From collecting coins by running small errands to receiving pocket money, you knew how to persuade your parents for some extra pennies. The college trip that father had financed, the sudden movie plan that was made possible by extracting money from elder sister can never go unmentioned. As a settled, independent being also we tend to reach out to our families, in case of any financial emergencies. Thus, besides catering to our emotional imbalances, a family always stands to aid if need be for our legitimate needs.

6)A Multi-provider.

Thriving as a respectable being in the society would have been impossible without the potent presence of a family. From providing us with the basic amenities of life, tending us when we fall ill, educating us and catering to many of our nugatory demand, a family suffices in all respects. Protecting us from every hovering danger, the well-grounded company of family secures us and ensures a less perturbed existence. In the company of the loving faces, life becomes a bit easier to deal with.

7)A Facilitator.

Often in our lives, we tend to get clouded by wrong decisions. The reasonable voices of our near ones facilitate in setting us back on the righteous track. It also inevitably assists in our being and celebrates us despite our shortcomings. In the very shelter of a family, we grow, learn and generate. Thus, the family is solely responsible for the eventual formative growth of an individual.

8) Constant Reliance.

With our growth, we often turn blind to the unconditioned assistance offered to us by our very own family people. You might have raised your voice on your mother at her constant nagging as to why you look sullen. Or you might have consciously try to hide the undesired result of your latest endeavor from your father, fearing his scolding. Despite, turning into a matured being standing at the threshold of adulthood, a family always comes to your rescue irrelevant of the nature of the problem. Always enabling one to have shoulders to rely on, parents and siblings together stand as the ultimate support one can fall back upon.

9)An Ardent Critic.

Teaching us not to pay heed to the disapproval of others when one is resolute about his/her own choice, a family integrally helps to transcend into a higher state of being. Contrarily, reasoning minds in the family will also evaluate our deeds and condemn us if need be. What can be a better way to evolve when you have the felicitous guidance of your own family!

10)Procreate and Recreate.

As the renowned philosopher and theorist, Michel Foucault had rightfully observed that abiding by the panoptic natural laws, the need for a family is for procreation. However, there lies another need which gets distinguished as recreation. Thus, early times man being on a superior pedestal has been encouraged to multiply. However, the recreational reach of the family should not be left unconsidered. The reveling moments spent in the proximity of family members is a bracing act we all look forward to. The basic need to love and to feel loved originates from the family that sustains us. And, as long as the human race continues to thrive, families will continue to hold an upper hand in the creation of a being.