Humans are social animals. They love mingling with both new contacts and old friends. Their innate need to develop deep interpersonal relationships has led to the creation of a interlinked world. Technological advancements aim at bringing people from different parts of the world closer than they ever were before. But in the midst of socializing through technology and social media, people are increasingly forgetting to indulge in real-time, face-to-face interactions. Lack of actual human contact is leading to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Instead of tweeting every single detail of our lives on Twitter, we need to learn to put aside our phones and go out into the real world to communicate and socialize



Here are 10 reasons why socializing is so important.

10. Combats Loneliness

Social media may have been successful in bringing us closer to people who live thousands of miles away but it has alienated us from those nearest to us with regard to physical proximity. Communication within the family has suffered a great deal due to smartphone addiction. Further, people find it difficult to express their deep, complex emotions to even their closest friends in today’s culture of hashtags and tweeting. This results in feelings of psychological isolation in many of our lives. In such a scenario, spending time with friends and family can help us deal with this emotional loneliness.

9. Reduces Stress

The globalised world has made a vast variety of goods and services readily available to us but has also left us exposed to an increasing number of stressors. Work life is becoming more hectic and family pressures are becoming more frustrating. This fast paced life is leading to numerous anxiety-related issues which is further causing some serious health problems. Socializing has proven to be quite a huge stress buster in this stressful scenario. Just hanging out with family or a group of friends rejuvenates us and makes us happier and the happier we are, the less stress we feel!

8. Boosts Self-esteem

Like we said before, humans are social animals. They thrive on social interaction. Better communication and a better position in society boosts their self confidence. Humans like to feel validated. The praise and attention of someone we care about and admire has the potential of transforming our bad day into a good one. It gives us a more positive attitude towards life and a better self-image which in turn helps us in further social interactions. Thus, this cycle of socialising continues to increase our self-esteem.

7. Widens Your Social Circle

The more we socialise, the more contacts we develop. For a bigger social circle, we have to put ourselves out there. Besides each new friend we make opens up the possibility of being part of a whole new social circle! All we need to do is be a little more open. Personal growth isn’t possible if we always tend to stick with our same old friends. Of course, spending time with people you’ve known for years is extremely important and fun but you need to expand your horizons! You might even end up discovering a whole new side to yourself by hanging out with a different set of people.

6. Helps Overcome Hardships

Humans look to their support system for help whenever they’re in difficulty. It might be a fight with their partner, a problem at the workplace or some physical ailment. But every time a hardship befalls us, we call up either our mom or our best friend and seek their comfort and help. Strong interpersonal relationships are necessary to deal with life problems in a healthy manner. Friends and family provide us with emotional, physical, material as well as spiritual support. They cheer you up, provide you with encouragement and help you rediscover your usual enthusiasm. Thus, socializing with our close ones ensures the maintenance of our support system so we’re not left on our own when we need them the most.

5. Sense of Belonging

Being with like-minded people gives us a certain sense of belonging which is at the core of most human behaviour.Everyone wants to feel like they’re a part of the group. They want to both blend in and stand out at the same time. Our need for validation further reinforces this idea. We constantly want to be identified as a ‘somebody’. Humans want to be an integral part of the society and still maintain a sense of individuality. The more we socialise, the more we develop this sense of belongingness which leads to a better attitude towards life.

4. Improves Mental Functioning

According to the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by SAGE, socializing enhances mental functioning. This is because the mind is kept occupied with real thoughts. Thus, anxiety related thoughts are kept at bay and our mental processing takes a more positive and healthy course. Having an active social life can thus be linked to a more optimistic view of the world and of life. This in turn helps us to expand our minds and think increasingly creative ways. We are also more open to new ideas and new opinions than before.

3. Makes You More Attractive

Being a social busybody and having an upbeat attitude towards the world instantly makes you a more attractive person. It makes people want to be a part of your exciting world. That is why popular people tend to become more popular. They are already surrounded by people and thus appear to be more friendly and open-minded. Approachability is a huge factor in increasing attractiveness. When you make an effort to socialize with more and more people, they look at you with a more cheerful attitude.

2. Increases Opportunities

It’s a no brainer. The more contacts you have, the greater the chances are of you discovering an opportunity to do something you’ve always wanted to do before! Perhaps you have some secret talent that comes out only when you’re with like-minded individuals and under the proper encouragement. Perhaps you are thinking about a change in vocation. Perhaps you’re looking to date someone who’s not usually your type. A bigger social circle will definitely help you discover something new!

1. Self Growth

Undoubtedly, socializing brings about certain personal changes in us. We learn from people and our relationships with them as well as discover new aspects of our own personality. Better interpersonal connections boost both our physical and mental health. They also help in transforming us into more confident, optimistic and friendly individuals. Socializing with a wider group of people also allows us to be more tolerant and wise as we are exposed to a wide variety of people and viewpoints. This helps us grow into better human beings.

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