The most valuable asset to us in our short lives is our friends. We humans, without our friends, can never learn to live. Every human being needs at least one close friend in life. Not everyone would indeed stay by your side at your very worst. Only our best friends, it’s going to be them. Some people will come and go every now and then and still call you friends. They are all friends but are they your best friends?

A true friend is one soul in two bodies.

How many people have we befriended in our childhood school, and when we go to high school we lose contact? But, there will be this one friend or maybe two, who will be there with you – all your life. If you ever find someone like that, hold on to them because only lucky people get a true friend in their life.


People leave, don’t they?  But the best friends give you shelter, trust, help, love, and stay by your side. You may have your brother, sister, or parents as your best friend.  There is no saying that your best friend will only be someone your age.

Our best friends – they love us. They might not tell us the same every now and then, but they do. Love is a verb like we all say. And the people we love, we do things for them. How do we recognize someone like that? Well, here are 10 things only your best friend will do for you.


10. Best Friends Arranges surprise birthday parties –

Birthdays are the happiest days of each of our lives. We all want to celebrate this beautiful day of ours. And, we want to feel special. We expect gifts, surprises, wishes. In a word, we want others to make our day special. But not everyone would make this extra effort, to make us feel special. Only our best friend would do it for us. He/she will make those little efforts because they love that smile on your face. Because they care for you, they want to make you happy. No one will do this for you except your best friend or someone very close to you.

09.  Best friend will face your fears with you  –

Each one of us feel scared due to certain things in life at some point or the other. Even if we don’t confess, we are. There are people, places, situations, phases that you would hate to face. We want someone to be with us at those times, someone who will stick by our side and someone who will give us courage. Maybe you are afraid to take a walk on a dark road alone. Your best friend will never leave you alone in such a situation. He will go with you. Your best friend will be with you in those moments and overcome your fears with you.

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08. Best friend can risk his life to save you  –

Not everyone will be willing to risk their lives for you. But your best friend will never care about his life, in such situations he would be happy to risk his life to save yours. He will never step back and not give it a second thought. Because he loves you the most.


07. Best friends, don’t tell your secret to anyone  –

Almost all of us have some secrets. And that’s what makes us – us. Secrets are secrets because we don’t tell about them to anyone right? And there are these dark secrets. We can’t afford to let them out. But there are these times when we share them with our besties. Even if they are secrets, we still want to share them with our close ones. We do share them because we feel secure around them. Whoever will be your best friend will never tell this secret to anyone. He/she will keep it to themselves. They will never break your trust.


06. They will fight for you in any situation  –

There are always these hurdles in our lives that we are afraid to face alone. Your best friend will be your support system. They can go against anyone for you. Your best friend can always sense these dangers, they recognize people who might try to hurt you and will fight with them or help you fight against them, give you confidence. They are not going to leave you alone.


05. Your Best friend will not do anything you do not like  –

We all have our likes and dislikes. And, we have these perceptions about life. We don’t want people close to us to do those things we dislike . But why would they listen to us even if they don’t dislike them at all? They might like doing all those things. Why would they stop doing that just because you don’t like it?

To most people, their desires come first. But our best friends- we are their priority right? They understand your likes and dislikes. And they are not going to risk your relationship after something that’s going to hurt you. He/she will always respect your choices.

04. Best friend will forgive all your mistakes –

We are humans, we do make mistakes, right? And not everyone can forgive. The one who is very generous and the only one who is closest to us only can forgive all our mistakes. They understand our flaws and accept us at our worst. Best friends understand that we never meant any harm and it was just a mistake. They try to explain to you stuffs so that you understand and help you recover.


03.Best friends will always share their favorite things with you –

We don’t share our favorite things with everyone. Well, we generally give our favorite things to those who are closest to us. Your best friends will also share their favorite things with you. Things that are precious to us, we look for our friends – so that we can share the same with them.


02. Your Best friend will give you time –

We are all very busy with our lives. And not everyone would give their time to just stand by you right? And it’s obvious – we aren’t going to give time to people who don’t have their time for us. But our best friends will always give us time even if they are busy. They will take time out. Because they know that the time he/ she spends with you – is precious.


01.They will sacrifice a lot for you –

Your best friend will not think twice to sacrifice anything for you. They understand your importance in their life. And they also understand that it’s okay to make sacrifices for someone who deserves it. You do.