Top 10 Things That Are Extremely Important In A Relationship

Relationship: a single yet a robust word that has the power to make you or break you. A good relationship can be your life-guard when you are drowning in the pool of loneliness or if gone wrong, it can be the force that pushes you in that lonely state in the first place. We don’t realize but we share a relationship with every single person in our life. The only difference is that some of them are successful and mean a lot to us while others fade away with the passing time. Have we ever thought why is it that some people have so fortunate relationships that serves as their strength while some relationships die an unnatural death? At times, we are not even able to figure out what went wrong? Why things didn’t work out between two people?

The answer lies in the simple myth that most of us believe in that love is the only important thing essential to keep a relationship going. No doubt it is one of the most important and basic things but ‘is love enough to keep two people together?’

It’s easy to fall in love but it’s easier to fall out of it too. During such times, if certain other things are not there; that relationship will cease to exist. Here is a list of certain factors that decides the fate of a relationship:

10. Understanding

As the word speaks for itself, it simply means sharing a bond where the other person is willing and capable to know your feelings and emotions. They understand every word that you have to say even before you have said it. They understand your likes and dislikes, your sudden outbursts and your quirky behavior and focus on what is bothering you. The real test of understanding is during times of misunderstandings. A certain level of such understanding where one doesn’t let misunderstandings come in the way of the relationship is the key to every successful relationship.

9. Compatibility

Being compatible i.e’ being in a state where two people are able to exist or stay together without problems or conflict’ is very crucial for a happy relationship. If not a single day passes when you two didn’t have a fight regarding any issue, then you guys have some serious compatibility issues that needs to be mended before it blows away your relationship. Having a fight once in a blue moon is healthy, normal and alright but if it has become a daily affair, then it isn’t okay. Having entirely different choices is not a problem as if you are compatible enough, you will figure out a way to acknowledge both of your choices and co-exist in a peaceful manner.

8. Comfortability

The level of comfortability where you can share anything and everything with your partner is a must. Be it your mood swings, your emotions or feelings, your weird thoughts, period cramps, workout things or anything that comes to your mind- you can blurt it all out without having any second thoughts. You don’t have to be plastic or fake with them as you know they will never judge you no matter what. You can be your true self without any pressure of meeting certain expected standards. You are comfortable in sharing everything, from your bed to your life with them.

7. Communication

Maintaining a relationship for a long term is a very difficult task and the only way to accomplish it effectively is by learning the art of communication. Having conversations serves as the stairs that you need to climb in order to reach the goal of a healthy relationship. The most important thing to keep in mind in this aspect is that both quantity and quality matters. You should be on talking terms frequently if not regularly. If you expect that you have years of gap between two conversations and your relationship will still be okay, then it won’t. Also, the quality of communication is also necessary which means having talks that strengthens your bond.

6. Privacy

Sharing a relationship does not mean that you own one another. Each of you has your separate life and your own friends and family. For any relationship to be happy, it is very important to understand and accept the need for privacy. No matter even if you are married, having a personal space is everyone’s right and need and a good relationship realizes this.

5. Trust

Without trust you’ve got nothing. Trust is the founding stone of any relationship. Not just relationships, our entire world revolves around trust. If you don’t trust your partner, your relationship can never survive. The ones with a habit of constant scrupling about everything end up regretting not having trust and it’s too late to realize then.

4. Respect for each other

If you don’t respect a person for who he/she is, you can never have a fruitful relationship with them. It’s important to respect not just the person but their decisions and choices as well. Make sure that none of your actions or words hurt the other person’s self-respect or dignity. Just as your self-respect is valuable to you, it is to the other person as well. No matter however bad an argument you guys have, never say or do anything disrespectful.

3. Loyalty

If a person trusts you enough that he/she has decided to share their lives with you, never break that trust. Being loyal to a person is an essential requisite in order to build a healthy and happy relationship. Breach of loyalty once can never be fully mended irrespective of how hard one tries. It’s just like a broken glass that can never regain its original shape once broken.

2. Support

This is the factor that keeps a relationship going strong. The basic reason why we look forward to relationships is to seek a supporting hand. A hand that will stick by us in all odds, that will be our guiding light from all the dark times and be our strength in all the lows.

1. Love

And obviously, the most important of all the things is love. No bond can grow without the existence of love. If you love the other person enough, you will be willing to work on all the other factors because when you love someone, you just can’t let them go. Just the thought of losing them is scary and you will go to any bounds to ensure that your relationship stays and grows.

Just remember that relationship is a two way street and it’s all about giving and taking. All of these things can never be established with a single-sided effort. If you wish a relationship to grow and be strong, both of you will have to put efforts in order to achieve it. A good relationship lights up your world and makes you hug happiness.

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