Human beings are all different and perhaps is the most diverse community to exist on land among mammals. But it is true that this does not simply extend to larger communities, groups, ethnicities, or races. Even within groups, people are of different kinds – because that is how human nature is. Have you ever wondered what it is that makes people so different from one another despite coming from similar backgrounds? Or have you ever come across two people from completely different areas and been shocked by how similar they seem to be? The simple answer to both these questions is, it is probably their personality.

Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless.

Paul P. Harris

Human beings can be classified into certain dominant personality types which helps to study them and understand why they are the way they are. Personality is very different from the character in this regard, as a character is more qualitative in nature. If you are wondering about what personality type you are, you can take a quick test over the internet that is known as the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. This is a test designed to figure out what your thought patterns, psychic impulses and preferences are, on the basis of which a dominant personality type is identified.

Even if you do not want to take the test immediately, you can go through the following list of ten major personality types (as determined by this test) to figure out which category you fit into.


10. The Inspector (ISTJ)

Some dominant qualities of this personality type are calmness, wisdom, patience, and a strong work ethic. A person of this category is typically introverted, but not passive. They have a surety and reserve about themselves, which also makes them feel very sure of themselves. Since they are driven by logic and a will to abide by their duties and responsibilities, they are known as the type of the ‘inspector’. If you belong to this category you are probably someone who is quiet and observant, and that is your secret skill.

9. The Mastermind (INTJ)

The mastermind personality type is an introvert in a truer sense. A lot of character types in movies actually belong to this category – withdrawn, unable to engage socially, usually found in secluded spots, yet with a brilliant mind. People of this nature are creative and introspective, and usually prefer their own company to internalize their experiences and adjust. This makes them socially maladjusted and not very fun at parties, but indispensable in the office environment. The people of this type usually like to set long term goals for themselves and are in generally bright and high achieving.

8. The Craftsman (ISTP)

A problem with the craftsman type of personality is that while they seem sorted and approachable, they are actually spontaneous and sometimes unpredictable. However because they tend to be secretive, this aspect of their personality will probably stay hidden from you unless they are really comfortable around you. This makes them a curious mix of easy-going, optimistic, flexible, and brooding and restless on occasion. It is important for the craftsmen to have a project at hand always to focus their energies on it, or their attention is drawn to multiple places at once.

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7. The Giver (ENFJ)

These people tend to be free-spirited and enthusiastic, but they are huge people pleasers. They can be the life of the party and the one with tons of friends, but they themselves can feel neglected and used. This is a major downside because people of the giver personality type generally tend to feel very strongly and be emotional rather than logical thinkers. This is also a cause of anxiety often as the giver is mostly focused on the future and what can be, instead of what is. However, even though driven by the need to please, givers are usually the most authentic people.

6. The Counselor (INFJ)

The counselor type is someone everyone knows – someone who is inquisitive and observant, often looking out for details others might have missed. This also makes them highly creative and they are the true thinkers, having a very rich life of the mind. The counselors are sensitive souls, careful not to hurt other people’s feelings. But this often makes them exposed to having others hurt their own feelings, as most personality types are not as considerate as the counselor.

5. The Idealist (INFP)

Just as the name suggests, the idealist personality types are usually driven by single-minded goals. They are strong believers and they persevere in their efforts, although sometimes to their own discredit. They are very dominant characters and can sometimes come off as controlling. The idealist is also sometimes a dreamer, even though primarily they are known for their sound logic and wisdom. They are also known for a strong sense of personal ethics that they follow while striving for anything in life.

4. The Provider (ESFJ)

The provider is undoubtedly always an extroverted person, not afraid to put themselves out there – whether in social situations or otherwise. The provider is often very popular in social circles and thus, the most well-known sports person at your school and the organizer of parties is usually someone of this category. Although highly energetic and social, they often feel very deeply – a fact overlooked easily because of their exuberant personalities. It is thus not uncommon for these types to feel insecure and alone.

3. The Doer (ESTP)

The doers are known for their spontaneous personalities and their tendency to go with the flow, and follow their hearts. They are usually always active, moving from one project to another, never really settling on a single one. However a corollary to this is that they are also not known for being good planners that have everything figured out, even though they seem to be always on to the next thing. They thrive in professions which require them to complete small projects regularly, and which yield tangible results.

2. The Performer (ESFP)

These are the born entertainers, and they absolutely love having the spotlight on them. This might sometimes be taken a little too far, although. The performers love being at the centre of all events and may sometimes be taken to be attention seekers. But this is also a quality about them that is most endearing, because no party or gathering can ever be lifeless with them present. It might seem that they are often clueless about the reality of things, but you have to be careful to point this out to them. If you must break the illusion of their everyday easy going life, do it very gently.

1. The Thinker (INTP)

If there had to be a single smartest personality type, it would be this one. Interestingly, both the best scientists and the best artists have been known to belong to this category. This is because the thinker thrives in situations with a bit of a challenge, where they can really exercise their thinking capacities. With a taste for the unconventional, the thinker cannot survive in the quotidian and mundane everyday life. But because of their extraordinary mind, they can often be difficult to deal with in families or social situations. If they come off as a little obtuse, it is not really their fault. They’re just busy thinking about something they consider more important.