“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.” ― Helen Keller

The first date is often the most special one. Although it can be intimidating to meet a new person for the first time, every couple’s first date is one of if not the most exciting one. This date allows you to get to know the person to see if they’re the right match for you. It gives you a wonderful chance to get to bond with someone for the first time. The beginning of a new relationship is a memorable experience and as you learn more about your partner your bond is going to strengthen over time. 

The very first date might be the most crucial one of your relationship. However, the first date is also the one that is the most awkward. This is because you don’t properly know the other person yet. A gift can help you to start it off on the right note and serve as the perfect ice breaker. But be careful when you’re buying a gift because you want to make sure that you pick the right one. You want to get a gift that is useful and appealing. If you’re a bit unsure about what exactly to get your partner then this list of the 12 best gifts to give on the first date, is meant for you: 

12. Wallet

A good quality wallet is one of those items that you can never leave home without. Wallets are a great gift to give. They allow you to pack all of your cash and other necessities into a handy wallet that can go into the back pocket of your jean. You can certainly never go wrong with a good wallet. 

However, make sure that you’re choosing a wallet that is from a reputed company. Even though wallets are relatively easy to get most people don’t realize the value of a good quality wallet. As a result, they tend to buy the cheapest wallet they can find. To make your gift impactful be sure to choose a wallet that is of a high caliber. This is sure to last your partner for an extremely long time. 

11. Old-fashioned glass

If your boyfriend likes to have the occasional drink then a whiskey glass or an old-fashioned glass might be right up his alley. This stylish glass has a distinctly elegant feel to it which is sure to make it a delightful present for your partner. Look around online to find a glass that you feel suits his style. 

But this whiskey glass may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Well in that case why not buy him a fancy wine glass or a fun mug for him to have his morning coffee in? You can even get a bit creative and make him a custom mug. 

10. Belt

A belt is always a useful accessory to have in your cupboard. It can help to add a bit of style to any formal outfit. They’re also quite easy to find so you won’t have any trouble choosing a belt. Try to get a belt that you feel matches your boyfriend’s style. Something like a military belt would suit a more casual style while the typical buckle belt is best for formal occasions.

9. Headphones

Any person who is an avid gamer or simply likes to consume a lot of digital media is sure to love a good pair of headphones. These gadgets constantly wear our so they’re always a welcome gift. Some quality headphones can last a person for upwards of a year if they’re careful. A tip that you can use is to subtly ask your partner what type of headphones they would recommend for you. Maybe you could bring it up in a casual conversation and get them to reveal their top picks. This will help you to choose the perfect gift. 

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8. Decorative Figurine

All of us love to decorate our house with items that feel personal to us. So why not pick out a decorative figurine for your partner? Nowadays there are a variety of options that you can choose from. For example, if your partner is someone who loves a particular show or a series then try to get a figurine of their favorite character from the series. You could also get an antique item to give them a meaningful gift that they can cherish forever. The key is to pick a gift that is special. 

7. Book

Books can transport us into another world. They allow us to let go of all our worries and get lost in the world of literature. Some people don’t really like to read so be sure to learn what your partner’s interests are before you buy a book. If they’re one of those people who love to read new books then you could give them one of your favorites. A book is a very personal gift to give someone and it is truly special. 

6. Watch

You can never go wrong with a good watch. A watch is one of those essential accessories that go with any outfit. All you need to do is throw one on to add a bit of style and you’re good to go. Another great thing about watches is the fact that they’re easy to personalize. Maybe your boyfriend loves to collect a particular type of watch, well in that case you probably already know which one he wants. Or you could also get a watch that matches his style. There are an insane amount of options out there so do a bit of searching and you’re sure to find the right one. 

5. Laptop Table

Due to the current situation, many workplaces have had to shift their work online. This means that a ton of people have begun to work from home. Picking a useful gift that will help your partner while they work from home, like a laptop table, would be an amazing present for your first date. This gift is extremely thoughtful and it is sure to make an impact. You could even choose other accessories to make it easier for your partner to work from home. A table lamp or maybe a mouse pad might also be a good choice for a gift. 

4. Wine

What could be more romantic than a bottle of wine? A high-quality bottle of wine is a wonderful gift for a partner to receive. At the end of a hectic weekend, your boyfriend can sit back and enjoy a relaxing glass of wine. But maybe wine just isn’t his cup of tea. Well in that case there’s a variety of other elegant beverages for you to choose from. Maybe a fun new cider or an ale would be a good fit. Try to pay careful attention to what tastes he likes and you’ll be able to figure out the right drink for him. 

3. Scented Candles

This is another one of those items that are perfect for a relaxing evening. Scented candles can help you to clear your mind after a hectic week. All you need to do is light one up and it will fill your house with its wonderful fragrance. But how do you choose which scent to buy? Well, the key to this is to pay attention to what your partner likes. If they love the smell of cookies baking then buy something that’s vanilla scented. Or if they like spring then buy a more floral scent. Customize it according to your partner’s taste. 

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2. Tie

Like watches and belts, a tie is an accessory that is perfect for any closet. Ties are quite customizable because they’re a great way to show a bit of your personality. The typical formal suit and tie can get a bit boring. However, all you need to do is add a fun tie to change up your style. A tie is a small gift so you can also add it to another gift that you want to give your boyfriend. 

1. T-Shirt

And lastly, let’s look at a more casual gift, a regular t-shirt. Although this might not seem like a very personal gift you would be surprised at the number of options that are available. Does your significant other like puns? Well in that case you could buy him one of the plethora of ‘punny’ t-shirts that are sure to make him laugh. You could also get him a wonderful graphic designer shirt about one of his favorite shows, movies, or video games. Look around a bit and you’ll find the exact shirt you’re looking for.