Whether you’re a sports lover or you just like to tune in to the occasional game on the television, you can’t deny that sports are a huge part of all of our lives. Sports are an amazing form of entertainment because they allow us to exercise while also using our minds to strategize. All sports are complex in their own way and it’s extremely interesting to watch an exciting game. 

However, when we think of sports, most of the games that come to mind like football, swimming, and maybe even golf require huge outdoor stadiums. These are quite difficult for many people to play because of the fact that most people simply don’t have the space to practice one of these outdoor sports. If you’ve been looking for an indoor sport to practice at home or if you want to get involved in some fun clubs, this is the article for you. Here a list of the top 12 best indoor sports games: 

12. Table Tennis

Table tennis, as the name suggests, is like a mini, indoor version of tennis. But the rules and structure of this game are quite different. The only similarities are that both games use a tennis racket or a paddle to hit a ball over a net. Unlike the popular outdoor game, table tennis is played on a table with a net. The contestants both stand on either side of the table and hit a ping-pong ball with a paddle. If the player throws the ball into the net or hits it off the table then the other opponent gains points. This game requires the players to have quick reflexes and the ability to strategize making it an intriguing but challenging game to play. 

11. Carrom

Most of us have played this game at least a few times before. Carrom is one of those indoor sports that require little preparation and training. All you need to do is throw a bit of fine powder onto the board, set up the coins, and you’re ready to go. Carrom is a game that originated in India and it has now spread all over the globe. The simplicity of this game makes it a wonderful game to play with family and friends. But there are also quite a few tournaments held that test the skills of top carrom players. In order to become really good at the game, you need to hone your dexterity to perfection. If you’re interested in a fun family-friendly game then ths=is might be a good choice for you. 

10. Basketball

Basketball is probably the most popular indoor game on our list. This game has a massive fanbase. As the name suggests, the basic goal of basketball is to shoot a ball into a hoop. This is a team-based game and in order to get points, you need to shoot the ball into the opponent’s hoop. You get points based on how far you can shoot the ball. There are a ton of other complex rules in basketball which is why this is a tough game to begin. However, that is also what makes this game interesting. The reason why basketball is so popular is likely due to the huge tournaments held for the game. Millions of people tune in to watch these games and it’s easy to see why. Basketball is truly one of the world’s most popular sports. 

9. Billards

Although we commonly know billiards as an indoor game that is played in clubs or bars, this game likely got its start as an outdoor game. It speculated that billiards was a game that was mimicking the popular outdoor games at the time. There is evidence that this game was played as far back as the 1400s. Billiards is a game that uses a stick known as a cue to hit a bunch of billiard balls into the pockets on the sides of the table. This game is played on a special table and the contestants take turns. Billiards might seem simple but players require quite a bit of dexterity to aim the cue and hit the ball at exactly the right angle. They also need to know how to strategically block off other players. 

8. Squash

Squash is one of those indoor games that isn’t known very well however its starting to grow in popularity. This Olympic sport is an indoor game that is played in a special room. The players use bats that are quite similar to tennis bats to hit a ball towards a wall. The goal of the game is to strike the ball so that it bounces in a way that the other player is not able to return it properly. There are certain zones that are marked by tape in the room and each player can only bounce the ball in certain zones. This means that players need to have quick reflexes and have to change their strategy continuously. Squash is an incredibly difficult game that is perfect for anyone looking for a challenge. 

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7. Darts

If you like aiming random objects and throwing them across the room to hit your mark then darts is the game for you. The best thing about darts is that it doesn’t require a ton of expensive equipment to begin. All you need to do is get a dartboard, some darts and you can start aiming. However, be sure to set everything up in a safe place so that you don’t break anything or hit anyone. For this game, you need to hit the bullseye on the dartboard while standing a certain distance away. This is usually a game that is played at casual bars however there are also dart tournaments held for the most skilled players. 

6. Badminton

Badminton is one of those that can be played in an outdoor setting or an indoor setting. However, this game is usually played indoors. Badminton is a game that is played using a racket and a shuttle cork. The players stand on either side of a net that is set in a special court and they start to hit the shuttle cork back and forth over the net. If the shuttle cork hits the net or goes under it then the opponent gets the point. This game is quite similar to both tennis and table tennis but all of these games have their own intricate details. For badminton, players need to think quick and act fast to ensure that they win. 

5. Martial arts

You’ve probably seen movies that show amazing martial arts experts like Bruce Lee showing their skills. Martial arts are a huge part of action movies and this is true even in the west and in countries that don’t commonly practice these sports. Unlike the other sports on this list, martial arts is a sport that consists of many other practices. Some of the most popular ones are karate, taekwondo and judo. Most martial arts were typically developed as a form of self-defense and to assist in combat. However, nowadays they are a sport that is practiced all over the world. Apart from helping a person to be fit, martial arts can also help a person to discipline their mind. They can be a great sport for anyone looking for a hobby. 

4. Kabadi

This is a popular sport that was first originated in India. Kabaddi is a sport that can be played anywhere but it is typically played indoors. The game is well known in Asia but it is beginning to become popular in other regions. This is a team-based game that includes two different teams of around seven members. The goal of the game is to win points by performing a successful ‘raid’ on the opposing team. The way that these works are a single player is selected from one team. This player has to tap one or more of the members on the opposing team and go back to their own team. If they are unsuccessful and are caught then their team loses a point. There are a lot more rules to this complex game. It is a game of strategy that requires athleticism and dexterity. 

3. Volleyball

Volleyball is another sport that can be played indoors and outdoors. However, this game is similar to basketball because it is usually played indoors at a competitive level. Volleyball, as the name suggests, is a game where a ball is being hit back and forth across a net. It is a team game and the players are arranged on the court. If the ball goes into the net or lands out of the court then the other team gets a point. Volleyball is a game that is physically demanding and encourages teamwork. 

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2. Bowling

Everyone loves to go bowling. It is a fun pastime that is common in many areas. In this game, all the contestant has to do is throw the ball along a channel towards bowling pins. The goal of the game is to knock down as many pins as possible. Although this game is played casually by a ton of people all over the globe, bowling tournaments are meant for the best of the best. Its easy to begin this game but extremely difficult to get good at it. 

1. Chess

Last but certainly not least we have a common and well-loved indoor board game, chess. The game originated in India, like many other popular board games, and it is easy to play in any location at any time. The great thing about chess is that you don’t need much to play it. A typical chessboard is easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space which is probably why this game is so popular. The rules of chess are complex but easy to grasp. The goal is to take out the king piece of the opposing team. This is a game of wits and strategy that requires a sharp mind to win. All of these factors are the reason why chess earns its top spot on this list. 

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