The 21st century has been a witness to prominent technological advancements. We have explored the heights of the mountains as well as the depths of the ocean. With the aid of the internet, it has become far easier to procure the answers to all queries than before. But is it really all our queries? Have people today become so powerful as to unlock all the mysteries and justify every phenomenon which has been happening in the past and the present? The answer is most certainly not an affirmative.

We all are part of an infinite universe and there are uncountable mysterious incidents and strange activities which intrigue us. It compels us to embark on a quest for the answers to questions that are probably unanswerable.

Below are listed 12 such mysteries which will fascinate you to no end.


12. The Pollock Twins

Two sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock, were natives of England. They were of ages 11 and 6 respectively. On their way to visit Sunday church, they met with a tragic accident. Unfortunately, both of them died. They were extremely close to each other. Their parents mourned their death. After one year, Mrs. Pollock became pregnant again. Regardless of doctors’ convictions, their father had an intense belief that it would be twin girls. That was exactly what happened. The bizarre similarities and traits of the girls compelled the psychologists to perceive it as a case of reincarnation. The girls had the same scars and birthmarks. They used to ask for the dolls of their deceased sisters with the same name. Without any knowledge of their dead sisters, they used to force their parents to take them to the same park. Although the church is accepting of this bizarre coincidence, the underlying mystery is unsolved to date.


11. The Taos Hum

Taos is a small town in New Mexico, where a certain buzzing sound, similar to that of a distant diesel engine, can be heard. Though the sound is audible to the naked ear, various sound detection devices fail to pick it up. The possible reasons are often dismissed as the noise of the activists in the same active zones of humming, but it is not founded in any scientific explanation. The intensity of the sound increases at night while it fades during the day. It has also led to a couple of suicides and disturbances in the physical health of people in the past. Researchers accept that there is no natural reason behind it. Consequently, the “hums” remain a tantalizing mystery.

10. The Bermuda Triangle

This one is indeed famous and widely recognized. You might not be hearing it for the first time. Also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle, it is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda.  The reason that it has garnered so much attention is because several ships and planes mysteriously disappear over that particular area. Pilots often complain of their instruments going haywire. There are many explanations given in this regard from magnetic force to aliens. The triangle does not confirm its isolation from paranormal activities too. It is indeed a much-debated topic amongst researchers and scholars who have an intense longing to solve this mystery.

9. The Shrine of the Bullet Baba

This one will really amaze you. There is a famous shrine in Bandai, Rajasthan. Lots of people come here to worship as it is believed to protect the travelers. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that people don’t worship the idols of god and goddesses, but a bullet motorcycle. The underlying mystery is that a man named Om Singh Rathore had died in this very place in a tragic accident while returning home. Since then, the police have tried emptying its tank, binding it in chains but every time the bullet would return to that very place before daybreak. After constant efforts, the authorities surrendered. Consequently, the place took the shape of a shrine.

8. Bigfoot

Also known as Sasquatch, Bigfoot is known to reside in the snowy lands of the United States and Canada. At first sight, it resembles a Gorilla. Its gait, however, resembles that of a human. These similarities have led many to claim that it might be an ancient relative of the subspecies. Though there have been various photographs of footprints of this suspicious creature, no physical body has been found yet.

7. Malaysian Airline Flight 370

This flight became the world’s biggest aviation mystery when it disappeared without any trace. The incident dates back to March 8, 2014. The flight took off from Kuala Lumpur and was heading to Beijing with 239 people on board as per the News UK Company, The Sun. At 12.14 am on March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines lost contact with MH370 close to Phuket Island. The most mysterious factor behind this event is the last words which the Malaysian authorities interpreted as: “Good Night Malaysian three seven zero”. The families of the victims desperately want an answer to the question. Not even a single trace has been found of its remains, which makes it one of the biggest contemporary mysteries.

6.  Bog Bodies

The Sphagnum Bogs in Northern Europe has been an area of burning curiosity after thousands of Bog bodies have been excavated in the same. These are naturally preserved human corpses. The bodies were not decomposed and the skins and internal organs were found to be intact. This can be related to the conditions that the bog provided to preserve the bodies. The bodies can be dated back to the Iron Age, and several signs reflect that these people were possibly murdered. Either they became the victim of some bizarre rituals or it was a result of some sort of punishment. The revelation of the thousands of corpses under such conditions was indeed surprising.

5. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is one of the most popular serial killers who had an active killing spree between the years 1888-1891 in Whitechapel, near London. His claim to fame was that of murdering female sex workers in Whitechapel. There was news that affirmed that the killer used to slit the throat of his victims and disemboweled them. He sometimes even removed the internal organs of the victims from their corpses. Even after centuries, the police have not been able to single out the murderer behind all these crimes. Many names have been put forward, including Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, a grandson of Queen Victoria. Every day a new hypothesis comes to rise with the insertion of another suspect. Though Jack the Ripper might be dead, but his secret identity is still just as baffling. 

4.  Reincarnation of Shanti Devi

Shanti Devi was born around the 1930s in Delhi. It was only after she turned 4, that her behavior displayed a complete reversal. She said that her real name was Ludgi Devi; she even told her parents that they weren’t her real parents and that she didn’t belong to that place. She narrated her past life, the name of her husband and how she died giving birth to her child. Later on, when her parents tried to figure out the truth behind what she told, they found out that every incident that she narrated was surprisingly true. When Shanti Devi met her husband from past life, she recognized him in no time and expressed her affections. This mysterious incarnation remains unsolved to date.

3. The Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste was found drifting 400 miles east of the Azores by the crew of another cargo-carrying vessel, the Dei Gratia, on 5 December 1872. The ship, also called the ghost ship, was found without a captain and no sign of any other crew member. The ship was loaded with food enough to last for about 6 months and was in a fine condition with no visible signs of damage. The mystery arises from the fact that a seasoned captain left a ship in a totally fine state for no possible reason or explanation. Thereby, it has retained its position as one of the biggest unsolved sea mysteries of all times.

2. Inuit village near lake Anjikuni, Canada.

This incident proves yet again that the Earth is indeed a mysterious place. The existence of an entire village disappeared under strange circumstances. A trapper used to visit that village frequently to meet the locals. Suddenly one night, he found out that the entire community had vanished, with the fire still burning. Their weapons were untouched. Food and other stuff were intact. Dogs were frozen and starved to death, though there was food left in bulk. There is no rational explanation as to what exactly happened there.

1. Prahlad Jani

A yogi from Gujrat, India, Prahlad Jani has been living without food and water for the past 7 decades. No signs of his deteriorating health have ever been observed. He was examined and put to test for 15 days, but to everyone’s surprise each time he passed the tests and continued without food and water and didn’t show any signs of starvation. The mystery remains unexplained. He claims that it is Goddess Amba who sustains him. But is it really a miracle?