The earth is a beautiful planet that is full of a variety of diverse ecosystems that all work in tandem. Every single climate on the planet has its own animals and plants that have adapted to live in that particular ecosystem. However, humans have been able to live in a variety of harsh conditions due to our aptitude for technology. We’ve come up with heaters to make cold climates more bearable and we use air conditioners when it’s really hot. These advancements have allowed us to live in areas that would otherwise be inhabitable. 

But have you wondered which countries have the hottest summers? Although most countries have a bit of variation in temperature, some of the countries on this list have temperatures that are certain to shock you. We’re sure that you’ve had to deal with the sweltering summer heat once in a while. However, the countries on this list will make normal summers look quite comfortable in comparison. Read on to find out which countries are the top 12 hottest countries in the world: 

12. Benin

Africa is a continent that generally has quite a warm climate. This is due to the fact that many countries present on this continent are quite close to the equator. Additionally, the climate of Africa is also quite hot and dry. Unlike most of the other countries on this list, Benin has a climate that is hot and humid. The northern region of this country has the typical dry and hot weather that is found in desert regions. However, the majority of this country has a warm, humid climate. The temperature over here can range from around 28 and 32°C (82 to 89°F). The climate of this region enables the country to produce a lot of agricultural goods. 

11. Qatar

This country is found in the middle east around the Persian Gulf region. Qatar is located in the Persian Gulf which is a region that is known for its sweltering climate. The climate of the country is typically a desert region and the majority of the landmass here consists of flat sandy plains. Qatar has an average temperature that comes in around 27°C(80.6°F). However due to the fact that this is a desert region the temperature can become quite extreme. Temperatures of over 40°C(105°F) have been recorded in this region in the past. The residents have transformed the land and thus made it much more inhabitable. 

10. Niger

Niger is a landlocked country that is found in West Africa. It is bordered by many other countries that are also known for their warm climate. One of the countries that border Niger is Benin. This country has no contact with the ocean which means that there’s no cool breeze coming in from the sea. Therefore the typical climate of the region is quite hot. 

Niger has a desert climate with sandy dunes and huge desert plains. The region has a dry and hot climate. It is estimated that in the daytime the temperature of this region can fluctuate between 30 to 40°C(85 to 105°F). But like most desert regions the climate of this area becomes much cooler at night. This change in temperature can be quite difficult for tourists to deal with but the native population has adapted to it over the years. 

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9. Ghana

Ghana is a country that is located in the same region as Benin, Bahrain and Niger. It is a West African country that is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. This country has the typical hot climate that is found in West Africa. The climate of Ghana is typically tropical however it differs in different portions of the country. The area to the north, that is the area that is further away from the ocean, is quite dry. The southern area is more tropical and humid due to its proximity to the ocean. The temperature in the country ranges from 30°C (86°F) during the day to 24°C (75°F) at night. The temperature has even gone up to 44°C(111°F) in the past. 

8. Bahrain

Like Niger, Bahrain is another country that is filled mostly with deserts. This region is made up of flat sandy plains that have a hot climate. Bahrain, like Qatar, is another middle eastern country that is located in the Persian Gulf. The countries landmass consists of quite a few islands. Although Bahrain is not a landlocked country, this region is notorious for its dust storms. The temperature of Bahrain is typically around 30 to 40°C (85 to 105°F) but this temperature can reach up to 50°C(122°F). The dust storms in this area pose a huge threat to the daily livelihoods of the locals.  

7. Gambia

Gambia is the smallest country that is located on the mainland of Africa. This country is quite narrow and it is surrounded on three sides by Senegal and on one side by the Atlantic ocean. Gambia is a small country that has the Gambia river running through it. Therefore this river heavily influences the climate of the region here. The climate found in Gambia is typically tropical and the temperature over here is around, 20 to 36°C (70 to 97°F) on normal days. However, there are times when the temperature can reach up to 45°C(113°F).

6. Senegal

The country that surrounds Gambia is Senegal. This country has a climate that is similar in some ways to Gambia however the climate here is more varied. Senegal is located in a region that borders the Atlantic ocean on the west and there are other West African countries to its east. The Gambian River that flows through this area is the reason why the southern region of this country is quite tropical. But the northern region that borders Mali has a hot dry climate and it is a desert region. The temperatures in this country vary greatly but they are typically around 25 to 30°C(77 to 86°F). In certain northern portions of the country, the temperature has also reached 54°C (129°F).

5. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a country island that is located amongst a group of country islands one of which is Fiji. This country is quite small and there are approximately ten thousand citizens that live on this island currently. This island has quite a unique climate due to its location. Tuvalu is an archipelago that has reef islands around it. The climate of the region is based on the time of year. The climate fluctuates between hot, humid, wet, and dry. However, the temperature of this island is generally quite high throughout the year. The normal temperature is around 30°C(86°F) and the lower temperatures stay at 27°C(81°F). The highest temperature recorded here is 41°C(105°F). The Tuvalu islands are facing a major issue due to climate change and they might become uninhabitable in the next 50 years. 

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4. Mali

This is another West African country that has quite a hot and dry climate. Like Niger, Mali is also a landlocked country that does not have direct access to the sea. This country is bordered by many countries including Senegal. The northern region of Mali is located in the Sahara Desert. Therefore a large chunk of the area of Mali comes under this dry desert climate. However, a small portion of the southern region is tropical in nature due to the fact that there are several rivers present there. This country has one of the highest average temperatures at around 32°C (90°F). Certain regions that come under the Sahara Desert have had extremely high temperatures with the highest recorded temperature being 54°C(130°F).

3. Iran

Iran is a country that is present near the Persian Gulf. This region is quite hot and dry because of its desert climate. Iran has a variety of climates due to its proximity to the sea however this country has some of the highest temperatures in the world. Because this region is located in a desert climate, the temperatures in this region tend to fluctuate greatly. They range from 20 to 30°C( 70 to 85°F). The highest temperature that has ever been recorded in the country comes in at around 54°C (129°F). 

2. Tunisia

This is a country that is found in Northern Africa. Tunisia has the Mediterranean sea and it contains the northmost point of Africa. Because of this, the northern part of the country has a different climate as compared to the southern part. The northern region of the country has a Mediterranean climate which contains shrublands. The southern portion contains the northern part of the Sahara Desert therefore this region is quite hot and dry. The temperature ranged from around 18°C (64°F) in winter to approximately 33°C (91°F) in summer. Additionally, this country also has one of the highest recorded temperatures, 55 °C (131 °F) in the south portion of the country.

1. Jordan

And finally, we’ve come to the last country on our list, Jordan. It is located in Western Asia and bordered by countries like Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and so on. The climate of Jordan is extremely hot and dry due to the fact that this region is located in a desert zone. The temperature in Jordan is hot during the day and cool at night. The day time temperature is around 32°C(90°F) however it can even reach 40°C (104°F) or even 58°C(136°F) on certain days.