Top 12 Important Things Money can’t Buy

“The best things in life are free.” We have all grown up listening to these wise words by some wise person. But what do they actually mean? Our practical senses tell us that everything costs money and the best things cost a fortune. So now to understand this old phrase, let’s play a game. Throw your logic and reason out of the window and think from your heart. Do these materialistic things actually mean as much as we build them to mean? What is food if we don’t have the time to eat it? What is a big house if we are so hassled in our lives that we barely go there to sleep? Value is in the meaning we give to things, not in the things themselves.

Live your life by looking at the value of things, not their price. Sometimes the line may appear foggy, so that’s what we are here for. Listed below are 12 things that are too valuable even for money.

1. Peace

In today’s fast-paced life, peace is a priceless thing. It is the thing that everyone craves but only a few have. Once you have mastered the art of living a peaceful life, you have already achieved the rarest joy in the world. People living in the hotchpotch of today’s world would know exactly and valuable peace is and no amount of money can bring you a peaceful state of mind. Peace of heart leads to a happy life and a happy life means a happy you. Take your mind off of money for a second and take a deep breath of peace, it’ll make you richer.

2. Loyalty

Look at your best friend, your partner, your family; is there a greater joy in the world than spending time with these people? Probably, no. Loyalty is the one thing that binds you in a relationship, be that any sort of relationship. We may not realize the importance of loyal people in our life, but just pause for a second and think. You would be torn in pieces if you didn’t have the support of those who love you and have your back come what may. No amount of money would be sufficient to heal the wounds left by people who stab you in the back. Be thankful for the utterly adorable people you are surrounded with and who’ll always be with you without being bothered by your monthly bank statements.

3. Respect

You can survive without love, without money but not without respect. This is a fundamental demand of a person to be worthy of respect. We can have all the money in the world but still lack the feeling of being respected. In the end, all that matters is how people see you and how you make them feel. Set your priorities right and keep integrity and morals on top. Be so good that when someone speaks badly of you, no one will believe it. Be so honest that you only attract the right kind of people. Be so respectful that you be respected by everyone. Don’t take the value of respect lightly, it is not that easy to give and even harder to receive.

4. Memories

This is the best word the humans have invented. Just hearing this word puts a big, earsplitting smile on everybody’s face and you can make out they have got lost in the world of beautiful moments lived and cherished. More than our brains, our hearts are full of memories. Memories of love, friendship, laughter and all things are beautiful. Just spending time with people and things you love to do will end you up building the best moments of your life. In those moments nothing matters, just you and your loved ones. Nothing materialistic or superficial has a place in your wonderful memories. Give some time to yourself every day, just immersing yourself in your memories and avoid thinking of anything else.

5.  Our Bluish Blackish Blanket

The sky in all its shades and hues is absolutely mesmerizing. Sitting beneath a skyclad with clouds or stars is immensely blissful. There are so many things that we take for granted but when we actually think about it, we realize how lucky we are to have them. The omnipresent sky is a way of relieving yourself of all the stress and the worries of life. Just lay down in the open and stare at the stars, find constellations or do cloud watching. Embrace and enjoy the beauty that rests over all of us.

6. Sweet Dreams

Our lives are a sum total of our dreams; the ones we see while sleeping and also the ones that don’t let us sleep. We put our head to rest to see the most beautiful and wonderful dreams and we open our eyes to work for them to come true. Dreams don’t cost anything but they end up giving you your reason to live. They fill us with a purpose and a goal to attach ourselves to. Go crazy for your dreams, make infuse them with life – your life.

7. Experience

Working for a job that takes everything out of you but only gives you money in return is not worth it. Do something that gives you experience. Work not for money but for the experience. It is not absolutely necessary for the old people to have all the experiences of life. Experience does not discriminate, every one of us is equally liable to gain experience of anything, at any age, only if we work for it.  Don’t underestimate the power that comes with experience. Don’t only look at the monetary aspects of a work given but look for what all you can take from it and how much it’ll add to you and your personality.

8. Personality

However much people need it, but you just can’t buy a personality. It is something you have to build for yourself. You need to delve deeper into your thoughts and opinions so as to make a personality for yourself. No two people have the same persona and hence it becomes more important to work on yourself and shine out from the crowd. This path of finding yourself has to be traversed by you alone and it’ll be your efficiency in finding yourself that will determine how people will see you.

9. Nature – The Biggest Present

Look around yourself. The big beautiful tree, the colorful flowers, the so cute bumblebee, the fresh grass, the fragrances of all the things that nature has provided us with. This is all a huge gift for the mankind. Start appreciating it and observing it. Our ethereal nature is a more precious than any sum of money. Feel blessed when you look around and see such beauty.

10. Common Sense

Ah! The most uncommon thing in the world. We wish it were for sale but sadly it isn’t. All your money goes down the drain if you lack common sense, bro. Everyone likes to have interesting and productive conversations with fellow beings and low common sense is seriously a big turn off. Open your minds a bit and explore to gain knowledge. Be aware of what is happening around you. Strive to be smart and you’ll be rich in your own fashion.

11. Sense Of Humor

Laughter is the best medicine and the one who can make you laugh is the best doctor. A good sense of humor is really important that we take it for. Laughter is an escape from the sometimes dull and sometimes tough life. It is important to have someone who can instantly make us grin like a fool over their silly jokes and it is all the more imperative to be that someone for others. Laughter is the purest sound people make, so fill your coffers with that purity.

12. In the End, Love is all we got!

There are different kinds of love and we crave for each and every one of its forms. The idea of love makes us fall in love, it seems so serene, so safe and necessary. We are incomplete without love in our lives. Love is what keeps us sane and happy. Never shy away from showering love all around. Love your family, your friends, your pets, your environment, your books and just love everyone in general. Love is the biggest asset you’ll ever acquire and once you get it, make sure you keep it safe and close to your heart.

The choice is yours, you need to decide for yourself what matters more in life, things with hefty prices or things you can’t put a price on!

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Priyal Jain