“No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.” – Brad Meltzer.

Our parents help us to grow and evolve into mature adults. They’re always by our side, guiding us through all the difficulties that life throws our way. It’s not an exaggeration to say that our parents are two of the only people who have been by our side ever since we were born. They help us through thick and thin. Although we do have the occasional disagreement with our parents, these arguments usually come from a place of love. 


Each one of us has a responsibility to be respectful to our parents. We must show them that we appreciate the lessons and the values that they’ve given us over the years. This list will give you 12 reasons why you should respect your parents: 

12. Respect is the ultimate way to show love. 

We may not have a lot to give our parents but respect is one of the most crucial things that we can offer them. When we are growing up, our parents don’t really expect much in return from us. They take care of us out of love and because they want us to have a wonderful stress free life.  Remember that time that you developed a fever and your parents stayed up all night worried about your health? All of these small acts are various ways that our parents show their love. Although we may never be able to show our parents exactly how much we love them a bit of respect can go a long way. 

11. They’ve helped you through all your difficulties. 

Growing up is a tough task. You have to figure out how to navigate all the obstacles that life throws at you. Each one of us has had to overcome many difficulties to reach where we are and our parents have helped us through them all. Having trustworthy people that we can turn to is important for everyone. Our parents are ready to talk about any problems that we might have, and this includes silly problems! The fact that we know that our parents will always be there to give us advice no matter what, is very reassuring. 

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10. Parents support us no matter what. 

All of us need someone that we can confide in no matter what. Being social is in our human nature. Your parents are always there to listen to you no matter what. If you’re ever stuck in a bad situation, all you need to do is call and ask for a bit of advice. Our parents have a lot of life experience. They’ve had to deal with many similar problems. They know how important it is to have someone to stand by you when you’re down. That’s why they will always make it a point to be by your side. 

9. Your parents teach you your first words. 

Our parents are there to teach us our first words and our first steps. They guide us from the moment we come into the world. We don’t realize how much our upbringing affects the rest of our life but the first few years of our lives are perhaps one of the most important. When you’re a child you tend to absorb everything you’re hearing and seeing. Babies are known to imitate their parents which means that your parents taught you much more than you know. They help you through these formative years which are crucial to your development. 

8. They set you up for success by encouraging you.

What was your first major failure? Maybe you didn’t win that competition you practiced hard for or you could have failed a major test. Failure is a part of life that helps us to learn and grow. Our success is dictated by how well we can deal with our failures. However, when you’re a child you don’t realize this fact. Your parents help you to understand that failure is not the end of the world. They’re there to give you the support you need to get over any and all hurdles in your way. This encouragement is key to helping you grow and learn. 

7. Parents nurture your talents. 

Every great artist and renowned scientist had to start out somewhere. When we look at the world around us we tend to only see successful people at the peak of their career which can make us feel demotivated. But what we don’t see is the patience and hard work that goes into becoming successful and it all begins with your parents. Each one of us has talents that we need to cultivate. Parents encourage their children to develop their talents and work hard to move towards success. The small words of encouragement that they give us are essential to building our confidence. 

6. They help to give you lifelong values. 

The way you approach life is defined by your values. The value system that you hold is an incredibly personal part of your conscience. All the tough decisions you make in your life are influenced by the values that you have. These values are influenced by your parents. Children tend to automatically learn from their parent’s actions. Although you might not realize it, your core beliefs and morals are a result of your parent’s actions when you were young. 

5. Parents are not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong. 

We’ve talked about how your parents encourage you while your growing up but let’s not forget about an equally important aspect of growing up, learning from criticism. The fact of the matter is that no one likes to be criticized. We generally don’t like to be told that we have made a mistake. However, getting valuable criticism can actually be very useful when you’re young and naive. Our parents aren’t afraid to tell us when we’re doing something wrong. This criticism is essential to helping us learn from our mistakes. 

4. They know exactly what to do to cheer you up. 

We live terribly hectic lives today. We’re constantly moving and completing work, whether it’s schoolwork, a college assignment, or a job. Because of this lifestyle, we tend to ignore our personal needs which can make us feel stressed out. But our parents always make it a point to give us a small break. Sometimes they bring a few snacks into our room, other times they might ask us about our day or ask us to watch a show with them. All of these are small ways in which our parents give us a breath of fresh air. 

3. Advice from your parents is invaluable. 

Our parents have been through all the stages of life that we are currently going through. They have nurtured us and helped us to grow into the people we are today. This gives them a unique perspective as they know us extremely well. The advice that our parents give us is from a place of knowledge and understanding. This makes all their advice extremely valuable. Even though you might not want to listen to all of the advice they have because it may not seem useful, it’s important to analyze all the advice your parents give. You might not see the importance of the advice they give you right now, but you may find it useful in the future. 

2. Your parents give you all the skills you need for your future. 

All of us need to learn how to live our lives in a way that fulfills us. During our formative years, we learn how to deal with failure, our emotions, and how to use our skills to the best of our abilities. Our parents help to give us all the tools we need to survive on our own. They teach us everything from the language that we speak to the way we deal with disagreements. Your parents help you to define your goals and therefore your future aspirations. 

1. Respecting your parents will show your appreciation.  

We don’t have many opportunities to show our parents how much we love them. Often we get so caught up in all of our work that we tend to forget to tell our parents how much they mean to us. Parents love us and they simply don’t expect anything in return. However, a few thoughtful words can go a long way in making them feel good. Respect is one of the best ways to show your appreciation to your parents. You can perform small gestures to show them that you care for them immensely. For example, always make it a point to offer to help out with the housework. This shows your parents that you respect them.