From our development to our well-being, from success to sadness, from infancy until our last day, friends have a pivotal role to play in all stages that we witness. They accompany us through all walks of life no matter what, and there are times when we wonder: who are friends?

Friends are the ones who don’t leave a single chance to make fun of us but are ready to smash off other people’s faces if they do the same. Friends are the ones who scold us for all our wrongdoings but also have our backs always, in all ways. They serve as the family that we choose. We share a variety of relationships under one umbrella and it’s with friends that we create memories, experiences, and happiness. It is a blessing to have a bunch of people with whom you can share your heart without giving it a second thought.

For all those who follow the American sitcom titled F.R.I.E.N.D.S: at some point in time, we would have all wished to have a group like Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, and Rachel. Having people to sing ‘I will be there for you’ has always been a dream.
There is a gamut of reasons that can be listed so as to tell why is it important to have friends in our lives, but here are a few that pretty much sums it up all:

12. Survival Buddies

Friends are our hands to hold on in darkness, happy place to go in moments of contentment, shoulders to weep on when we are low, a diary to keep our secrets secure and a light to illuminate the way when we are lost. No matter which stage of life we are in or what experience we are dealing with, they are our survival buddies. They tell us just what we need to hear and make us believe that it will pass through. They are there through all thick and thin and are the prime objective of our survival through all spheres of life.

11. Bye-Bye Loneliness!

With your gang around, you never feel lonely. They seem to disseminate an anti-loneliness drug that gives you the strength to fight all blues. No matter how big a problem might be, a little time with your buddies and it’s all sorted. Just as your shadow, your friends never leave you out alone and it’s time you bid your goodbyes to loneliness with them around.

10. Mirror-Mirror On The Wall

Just like the magical mirror that snow white’s step-mom possessed, we all have magical friends who hold the mirror up for us. No matter how harsh the truth is, they tell us without coating it in sugar or mincing any words. They are there to guide us if we ever lose our way. Unlike others, they tell us what’s right for us and not just what we need to hear. They care for our well-being and they don’t fear being judged.

9. You can be YOU

With friends, you don’t have to wear a mask and you have all the freedom to be who you really are. You know they will never judge you and will always support you in all your decisions and choices. You share a next level comfort zone with them, the kind where you don’t have to think before you speak.

8. Even the weirdest of thing become ‘memories’

That’s the best thing about having friends: they create such circumstances that you see a side of yourself that you would have never seen otherwise. You do craziest, weirdest and silliest of things without thinking and later wonder- did you really do those? And all of it become stories to share with your children. You learn to hug craziness and let go of boredom.

7. Unconditional Love

Your friends have no reason to love you, they love you for who you are without any conditions, and that’s the best kind of love. They don’t expect anything, they don’t demand anything. They are just there loving you and caring for you.

6. Fun-element of Life

It’s just with friends that we share inside jokes that only we can make sense of. Right from using code words to snigger about someone or checking out someone without letting them know, only friends can do that. They spice up our lives in a funny way and let us enjoy it like never before.

5. Ears to everything that we say

Friends are the best listeners that are ready to listen to all that we have to say without complaining. They have the patience to listen to us ranting about things for hours and still be there. They neither judge nor preach, just listen and sometimes that’s all we want- someone to lend ears to our whines.


4. Help you to Grow

Your friends help you to accept your flaws and be the better version of you.  They help you to grow through all problems of life and inspire you to be a better person.

3.  Add life to Days

As it is said that don’t add days to life, add life to days- friends help you to do both. They not just assist you in enjoying your days to the fullest by adding colors and a sense of positivity to them but also help to increase your longevity says a study.

2.  Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil

All the good things are even better when you have friends to share it with and all the sorrows are short-lived when you have friends to take you out of it. Life is a journey that becomes beautiful with the companionship of friends.

1. Having a ‘FRIEND-FLUENCE’, having a ‘FRA-MILY’

Your friends around you have a great deal of influence on you and your life. You share a deep bond with them and the friend-fluence they have on you tends to play an important role. You don’t realize when your bonds get deeper and you have a family apart from your family; a ‘framily’. It’s crucial to have a framily as there are some things which you aren’t comfortable discussing with the real family.


Having good friends is as important in life as is having oxygen to breathe. While choosing friends, don’t prefer quantity, prefer quality. Life is partly what we make it and partly what it is made by the friends we choose. We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.

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