As children, we too often detested from going to school. The practice of following regular routine day after day is really monotonous. Kids too need a break, apart from the weekends. So for the days when the teacher is a bit strict regarding homework, the day when you are well informed that your best friend isn’t turning up and for those days when your bed is not wanting to leave you too soon, we have some cool ideas for you.


12. Ouch! It hurts.

The most common of all the excuses ever recorded in the history of a student’s life is of course a stomach pain. It is something that can start at any time of the day, people cannot see it and will never want a proof of it. If any day you don’t want to attend the school,  just grasp your stomach tight and crawl on your bed. You may as well spend some good time in the loo if you want to make the drama more realistic.


11. We don’t have a teacher.

This idea works fine as well. Convincing your parents that the most important teacher won’t be turning up at school can even give you a day of leisure. Your mom too won’t force you as she will never want her child to waste his/her time just watching the clock ticking at school.


10. I need some time to study.

Now, this is the lamest excuse, but trust me it works great. All you need to do is to convince your parents that you have a test the next day and you need some free time for your studies. Your parents will surely understand that wasting your time at school won’t work as they too are concerned about your marks. Make sure to close your door and sit a while with your books pretending to study and you are absolutely ready to chill at home.


9. Hiding Your Books.

This trick might cost you some scolding at home but can save you from attending school. Hide your books in a secure place where no one can ever imagine and tell your parents that you have lost them. Unable to find them you are scared to attend the school as your teacher doesn’t like students coming to school without the books. Moms are anyway sweet and they love you. They would never want their kids to get punished for a bare minimum cause. So, you are up with a great reason to be at home.


8. Oh God! It’s raining.

Now how can you not take advantage of the natural disorders. Though you love to jump into the puddles and get wet, yet rains can help you to stay back at home when you are just not in the right mood to attend school. Rainy weathers are the best occasions to stay late in bed. You can just pretend to sneeze and cough a bit infront of your parents on a rainy morning and believe me they won’t send you to school. They will surely be worried about your health as going to school on a rainy day might lead you to roam about the whole day in drenched uniforms which might detoriate your health further. So, got an excuse, right? Now sit and enjoy your favourite hot soup on your cozy bed!


7. Hurrah! It’s a holiday

Excuses are all about how good you are at lying. If you and your best friend have already planned to skip school the next day, here is an idea just for you. Return from school with a big smile and excitement on your face and inform your mom that the school’s Principal has declared a holiday the next day. This technique works best when you perform it along with your friends. This is because to confirm the news if your mom tries to ring any of your friends or their parents, their answer will always favour you. A mass bunk can always call for a party!


6. Boring school functions

School functions are very common. Few enjoy participating in them and some are happy being good audience. But there are also some students who find these school functions awful. For them these days are the best to relax at home. Most of the time attendances don’t count on these occasions  but the school expects your integrity. If you are someone who hates attending boring school functions, you should not mind sitting back at home and enjoying your day with your playstation.


5. I forgot to do my homework

Another excuse among the list which might cause you some discomfort at home is to admit that you forgot to do your homework. This might not be very well acceptable to your parents and thus your day at home might become a bit troublesome. But getting scolded at your home when you are all alone, rather than being humiliated infront of fifty of them is always a good deal. So, bunking school for not being able to complete your homework is another excuse you can try, may be once in a while but not always.


4. I am late

You snooze your alarm four times and end up getting late for your school. Most of the schools are strict in terms of discipline. Thus, a punishment and some remarks await for you. You can plan to dismiss the thought of going to school at all and convince your parents about the tantrums that you have to face the whole day if you are late. They would surely be a bit offended by your decent sense of  punctuality but still may allow you to stay back at home. All you have to do is to assure them that this won’t happen again and you are saved for the day!


3. Not feeling that good

Another excuse you can always take up for not turning up at school is a bad health. Get up in the morning and visit the bathroom frequently making sounds as if you are puking. This really get mothers worried. While they sit over to think what might be the cause, you can crumble up on your bed and pretend to be a helpless child! This isn’t the right away to deal with your desire to skip school as you can make your parents really tensed. But if you are done with most of the ideas and are helpless you might try out this as well.


2. Bunk it!

Now this is the real meaning of skipping school. If you find it risky and end up failing to convince your parents to stay back at home, you can leave for school but take refuge in your most loved playground or just spend some hours idly under the tree. So, the point is, your parents think that you are in school, but you are not. But before performing this stunt make sure you don’t get caught as the circumstances can be frightening.


1. Speak the truth

If you find that you have exhausted all the excuses or are not daring enough to lie to your parents, you can always speak the truth. If you don’t feel like going to school for certain reasons or may be without any, you can surely confront your parents about your unwillingness. This cannot be repeated too often, yet on some fine days your parents will surely aprove your desire.


So, here are enough excuses at your hand that you can always use to your advantage if you are someone who doesn’t like school much. But these are surely not the right things to do. Everyone of us including your parents too have come across this age and will surely understand the sudden reluctance to go to school but not always.