Top 12 Ultimate Break Up Clichés To End Your Relationship

In today’s lifestyle, love has become a strange thing and finding true love is even stranger as nobody really believes in the idea anymore. Over the time, the meaning of being in a relationship has changed drastically. While earlier, being involved with someone was a big and a very special feeling, these days it’s more of a trend that everyone is in a hurry to follow. We just want the tag of being in a relationship with someone and we are so eager to get it that during the process, we miserably fail to acknowledge the most basic thing- is he/she really the one? Is it actually love or just infatuation? Are we ready to be committed to this one person?

Without thinking about all these things, we just rush into being in a relationship and it ends up with being nothing but just a ‘break up-patch up game’. Breaking up with someone, which was supposed to be one of the hardest things to do, have become a frequent action these days. We don’t give a second thought about the emotional turmoil that the other person would be subjected to; rather we start thinking of a genuine reason to put forward in order to get rid of it. We could have simply accepted the truth that we rushed into it or that our feelings are not the same anymore, but we prefer blurting out some stupid, made up reasons that are at times funny and hard to digest. Just as being in a relationship has become a trend, breaking up has become a bigger one and this unusual vogue has given birth to a certain ‘break-up clichés’ that we hear too often these days:


12. You deserve someone better, I am not the one

Deep down, that self-obsessed soul of yours knows what this really is and you don’t mean a single word of it. What you actually feel is that ‘you’ deserve someone better and he/she is not the one for you but obviously you can’t say it upfront and hence you end up saying it the other way round. This is probably the first developed and the most used break-up cliché.

11. It is not working; I think we should see other people

When you hear this line coming from your partner and you can’t figure out what is it that is actually not working, understand it’s over. They don’t just think that you should see other people, they are probably already seeing someone else and there’s nothing that you can do about it. It’s one of the most heart breaking clichés where the other person is left thinking what actually went wrong while the betrayer is enjoying it with someone else.

10. I think my privacy is lost. I need some ‘ME TIME’

Suddenly your partner starts feeling deprived of his/her personal space and is complaining too much about it? Consider it a sign that you guys are going to part ways soon. They seem to miss the space that they once enjoyed sharing with you. Suddenly sharing Facebook passwords has become a big deal and within a blink of an eye, your partner will be gone.

9. Maybe we should take a break, huh?

So everything’s going fine and smooth between you two and one day your partner feels that you guys are just too much into one another. All the things are just about you two and it starts to bother and irritate them. They come up with a perfect solution and very casually tell you, ‘baby I think we should take a break and see where it goes.’
While you are standing there wondering what does ‘a break’ really means, your partner is on the ninth cloud thinking that it’s over.  Reality check: it’s never just a break, it’s always THE BREAK-UP.

8. We don’t have a future together; it’s easier to part ways now

That’s the funniest cliché ever. You said yes to be in a relationship, you were in it for quite a time and all this while the future factor was never a problem for you. But suddenly, you realize that there is no future with this person and rather than finding ways how to deal with it, you prefer to end the relationship itself. If you ever see this line coming your way, it’s your partner saying ‘Bye-bye baby, Break-up time.’

7. I’m not ready for a relationship right now

This literally means that ‘I am not ready for a relationship with YOU.’ End of the story.

6. That spark is lost somewhere

For a lot of people, sexual satisfaction is also very important for a happy relationship. There is a possibility that your partner doesn’t feel sexually attracted to you anymore and is too afraid or awkward to say it on your face. Hence, in such cases this cliché is the most sought after.

5. We were better off as friends

Not many of you might have thought that the possibility of being ‘friend-zoned’ exists even after being in a relationship. This cliché might actually come as a shock to the betrayee as this would be no less than a nightmare for him/her. How easily the betrayer says let’s still be friends as if that’s EVER going to happen. You can never be just friends with someone that you once loved/claimed to love.

4. I am getting too serious for you

This one is seriously the stupidest break-up line ever. Relationships are meant to be serious you know? What were you even thinking before getting into a relationship if you were too afraid to be serious?

3. Career Calls!

Yea! As if married people or the ones in a relationship do not have a career at all. It is just a matter of priority and managing your time. If you really wish a relationship to work, you will have that understanding where career won’t stand as an obstacle but will be a binding factor. And if it isn’t working that way then maybe you are better without each other.

2.  I love you but it is not really LOVE!

And this is the most confusing break-up cliché ever used. How many types of love are actually there? To decode it, ‘I don’t have any other excuse to serve you so it’s better to leave you hanging and confused.’

1. It is not about you, it is about me

And this ladies and gentlemen, is the most used and the best cliché ever. Taking the blame on you in such a way that the blame is really not on you. You have played your sympathy move well and perfectly.


If one of these clichés have ever been used on you and you are still mourning about your loss then it’s time that you MOVE ON.  If there’s no will to make it work, there is no point in stretching it without feelings. Love is a beautiful feeling and each one of us deserves to be with someone who will cherish the beauty of it with us. Not someone who would need some lines to end it.

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