Gorgeous hair adds a vital spark to your style and looks but bringing off and maintaining them throughout the rough and rugged routine is where we all struggle.


Everybody wants smooth and silky hair but nobody knows how to begin.

Let’s begin with the basic- shampoos. We do not put many efforts into buying shampoos, we usually go with the common concept to buy the most popular all in one brand or to buy something, the celebrities fawns over or something with strong promising advertising or maybe it’s just we never pay much thought to it.

On the contrary, the shampoo you use has major effects on your hair. So, if you feel your hair’s texture and quality is not improving for ages then probably it’s time to switch the hair cosmetic products you use.

The market is flooded with all sorts of shampoos some for dry and frizzy hair, some for dull hair some for split ends and many more. How to pick one? it wholly depends on your hair texture. what is your hair type? Thin or voluminous, silky or rough, straight or curl and including what hair problem you want your shampoo to fix. One single brand cannot play all the roles but one can be enough for you so choose the best shampoo which suits your hair. You should know exactly what you are using and why you are using this hair product for your precious hair.

Here is the list of the top 15 shampoo brands in the world:


The American brand serving the world for 74 years is one of the best brands we have in the market. Manufactured by Godefroy company in the United States, is leading the aisle of shampoos with its products available for all hair types at affordable prices.

Tresemme smooth and shine salon silk moisture shampoo

Best for Drizzy and frizzy hair gives instant shine and sweet fragrance.

It repairs wild tresses by moisturizing the strands. Its moisturizing ability is due to the Moroccan argon oil, vitamin H and silk proteins.

Similarly, the brand has plenty of varieties for the particular type of hair. You just need to check the ingredients it should not contain sulphate as it is harmful to hair.

TRESemme color revitalize protection shampoo- For coloured hair

TRESemme beauty full volume shampoo- for thick voluminous hair

TRESemme Botanique detox and restore shampoo- for sensitive scalp

TRESemme anti-breakage shampoo- for reducing hair breaking


Another established name in the hair cosmetic industry is Dove. It started the journey 64 years ago in the United States and stand tall as one of the most popular personal care brand owned by Unilever.

Dove advanced hair ultra-nourishing shampoo Quench Absolute

If you can’t find which shampoo is best for curly hair then this product worth a chance. It has many nutrients to make your hair soft and enhance the beauty of curls. It does not damage your naturally curly hair but moisturizes it.

Dove daily shine shampoo – as the name suggests, it is for everyday wear and tear. It has a pleasant fragrance and cleanses your scalp from dust, pollutants and add a shiny spark to them.


The world’s largest cosmetics company and a leading name in hair care products from France is another reliable brand with appreciable numbers of varieties in shampoos.

L’OREAL total repair 5 shampoo – it is famous as five problems one solution. It deals with dull, dry frizzy hair, split ends, hair breakage and roughness. If you are going through all this together then this product might do the job to fix them.

L’OREAL Paris 6 oil nourish shampoo- not everybody has enough time to oil their hair regularly so here is the shampoo that saves the day and the time. The shampoo has argan, almond, jojoba, olive, camelina and coconut oils in it and helps to nourish your hair.

Note –both the shampoos above contain sulphate

The company is also coming up with many sulphate free products so you can choose at your convenience.

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Owned by Procter and Gamble, Pantene is another famous brand in hair care products. Its name is inspired by a shampoo ingredient Panthenol. Its famous slogan is Strong is Beautiful! Indeed

GS sulphate free shampoo –  best for damaged and dry hair. The shampoo attracts because of sulphate, parabens and silicones free composition and a perfect blend of Pro- v and argon oil. It softens the hair strands and vanishes dirt or unwanted accumulation from the skull without removing the natural oil from the roots.

Breakage defence shampoo-  the product promises 2x stronger healthy hair. Though it contains but yet looks pretty amazing and worth a try whether it suits your scalp or not. It provides Pro- v nourishment repair hair breakage and split ends, suitable for damaged hair.

11.Herbal essence

Another brand of Procter and Gamble has made it to the top shampoo brands list. The 50-year-old brand has about 29 varieties for customers to choose from. Isn’t it amazing? They have designed their products keeping in mind all hair types and problems. Originally the company started with single shampoo Clairol Herbal essence shampoo by previous owner Clairol but then in 2011 the company was sold to present owners.

The company’s shampoo is natural and has a long queue of sulphate free shampoos like:

– Argan Oil & Aloe Vera Sulfate-Free Shampoo      – Bamboo + Potent Aloe Sulfate Free Shampoo for Hair Strengthening.                                             -Hemp + Potent Aloe Vera Sulfate Free Shampoo for Frizz Control

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10.Head & shoulders

The name is enough, it’s a shampoo once used to be in every household. The product was like a dandruff hunter, quite famous in the crowd as an anti-dandruff shampoo. Introduced in the market in 1961 but by 1982 the brand was way ahead of its contemporaries and was declared as “ number one brand”. Its major ingredients are antifungal agents that help it fight against dandruff.


Garnier is super famous as a company producing hair color especially in Asia but it also produces other hair products like shampoos. It is a brand owned by the L’Oreal group. It was established in 1904 by Alfred Amour Garnier with the launch of a hair lotion based on botanicals. The company was quite advanced and soon came up with sun care items. Today it has expanded to skincare products too.

Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish-  best for smoother softer curls. It is sulphate and silicon free.


Redken has changed the cosmetic world with its fresh idea to introduce proteins in the products. The company has reformed beauty products. It started in 1960 and its name is based on its two founders Jheri Redding and Paula Kent. They patented the revolutionary thought of protein reconditioning. In 2020, the brand has received a special award for its eco-friendly approach “the award of earth defender “

Nature + Science All Soft Sulphate Free Shampoo

Nature + Science Color Extend Sulphate Free Shampoo


Launched in India in the year 2005, it is another top brand under the L’Oreal group. The company is working diligently to produce hair treatment plus home- use hair care products.


It is a British brand owned by Unilever and was founded 67 years ago.

1975 was the Sunsilk era, it became the first choice of people in hair care products. It is a traditional brand and contains sulfates.

Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo With Amla Pearl Complex

Sunsilk Nourishing Soft & Smooth Shampoo.

Sunsilk Lusciously Thick & Long Shampoo.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo.

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The international cosmetic brand has prioritized hair care products and does not indulge in other cosmetic products. It was founded in 1979 by Tom

Redmond and later was sold to an American company in 2003.

Miracle coils sulfate-free shampoo.


Founded by Horst Rechelbacher, Aveda is an American cosmetics firm and there are many

Aveda institutes at several locations where students pursue cosmetology, esthiology and Massage. The idea for the company popped in Rechelbacher’s mind when he was introduced to Indian Ayurveda.

3.Bed head

Originally founded in 2003, bedhead is known to produce nail and hair care products. It is supervised by TIGI linea which a branch of Unilever.

TIGI Bed Head Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Thick Massive Hair


Suave started its journey as a hair tonic in the United States by National Mineral Company and now it has expanded its range to hundreds of other types of products including deodorant, soaps and shampoos.

Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo with Coconut Oil


Originally named Natone is a cosmetic company with headquarters in Los Angeles. It was founded by Emanuel Stolaroff in 1930 and today it’s a leading name in skincare and hair cosmetic products.

Neutrogena T/Gel Extra Strength Therapeutic Shampoo- best shampoo for dandruff problem

Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo For Scalp Build-Up Control- for sensitive scalp.