Getting inked or not getting inked, that’s the question! Tattoos have been in fashion for quite some while now but still many people think a gazillion times before getting one, specially for the first time. The reason behind this indecisiveness is simple – people don’t actually get what tattoos mean. Tattoos is a description of your personality on your body. Many people get tattoos just to make an impression which is not the right way to go about it. One should go for tattoos that represent them and connotes a special meaning. Once you know yourself you’ll know if tattoos are for you are not. Getting a tattoo does not mean permanently scarring yourself, it is just an expression of a person.

This is for the beautiful ladies out there, if you want to get a tattoo, stop thinking and go out there and get one. It is your choice, what to get and where to get it. We might just help to facilitate matters. So listed below are 15 best tattoo ideas for women. Your body is a canvas, paint in all shades beautiful.


Every girl is a queen in her own right. The crown shows power infused with grace. The crown tattoo is perfect for all the women who want to embrace their inner strength and do it with poise. In the beginning it is better to start to small and gradually delve into intricate designs. So don’t go for over-the-top, fancy crown when a simple one looks just as elegant.


Wings symbolize freedom. It denotes the wish and the right of every girl to fly away and chase her dreams. Having a pair of wings inked where you can see them, acts as an inspirational source. The tattoo is a reminder of breaking the shackles and treading on your own road of success. Wings are a very beautiful and delicate design which looks extremely good and also conveys a message. Consider them while entering a tattoo parlor.


Carry the world on your feet. This wonderful tattoo is especially to satisfy the wanderlust of travelling fanatics. The map of the whole world is a way to express one’s desire to explore each and every corner of the world. It reflects passion for travelling. This one calls out to all the globe trotters and those whose hearts are always busy planning the next trip.



This tattoo is for those who need a constant reminder to take a break and just breathe. It is to show that once in a while just breathing is enough. It provides an escape from the hassles of daily life. This tattoo is simple yet deep and will resonate with people who always feel burdened and entwined in their work.


We all have our moments where in we feel that nothing is going according to the plan. There are times when you feel like quitting and start questioning your resolve of staying strong. These are the moments this tattoo will make a world of difference. It motivates people to live through their darkest times to experience the brightest dawns. Stay strong ladies and for daily inspiration, go get this one.


We have all grown up listening to Peter Pan and her forever companion Tinkerbell. This tattoo is a journey down to our childhood and to remember that, no matter what age we are, we can always do with a little extra magic in our lives. The tattoo is very aesthetically pleasing and the element of magic enhances its beauty. I know you all want to get this one because life is better with pixie dust.


This one is just gorgeous. A dreamcatcher is a legend that states that having it rids you of all bad dreams and only good dreams find you in your sleep. Need I say more? This lovely tattoo is a believe in sweet dreams that not only embrace us in our sleep but also for the ones we watch with our eyes open. It radiates good energy and we all need that.


Who run the world? GIRLS! This is for all the girls out there who know their worth and have faith in their capabilities. This represents the era of women empowerment. Show the world who’s the boss by adorning this sassy tattoo.


Now this is super cute. This tattoo is small, simple and classy. What else do you need? Paint constellations on your body. Starts personify elegance and grace and this tattoo does the same too. It’ll embellish your every outfit and it is super adorable. Go and get some stars, you superstar!


Rose with a twist. This is a symbol of femininity infused with strength. It represents the bold streak, every women has. This tattoo is a work of brilliance and is abstract yet structured. It is for all the fierce girls out there who wants the world to know the power of a rose.


Every lady is beautiful and this tattoo throws a punch at all those who are always judging beauty. This tattoo is to increase a woman’s self esteem and self confidence. It is to make you realize that there is beauty in each and every one of us. The tattoo is a marvelous depiction of breaking stereotypical standards of being beautiful and infusing every girl with courage to shout that I am beautiful.


Bejewel your wrists with this delicate bracelet tattoo. It looks really sophisticated and refined. This tattoo is for those who don’t like extravagant designing but a modest and stylish one.


Be unconventional and choose the path less traveled. White tattoos are not all that popular but look extremely amazing. This simple heart in white ink looks super chic. It is desired for those who don’t want to highlight their tattoo too much.  The simplicity of the tattoo speaks volumes about its beauty. Try out something different and you won’t regret it.


Butterfly represent beauty of transformation and colors represent the beauty o life. Put them  together and you get a marvelous tattoo. This tattoo is so rich in life and cheerfulness. It is  definitely a must have kinda thing. It is extremely vivacious which just adds to its charm. The tattoo is perfect for free spirits and people high on life

15. Believe

That one is a classic.  The calligraphic writing enhances the appeal of the tattoo.  The tattoo is cute and simple. It is about believing in yourself, before believing in anyone else. It is about the importance your faith carries and how your faith has the power to turn things true for you. This tattoo is open for every girl who needs a little push towards believing in things and that they happen for good.


Tattoos are a self- expression and they can be as elaborate or as simple you want. Don’t let the tattoo define you instead you yourself give meaning to your tattoo. Just follow your heart and the right design would come to you. Have fun designing your body