Top 15 Ways to Pass Time When you are Bored

In the daily humdrum of life, we often crave for some idle hours to seek for some repose and recreation. However, much of slothful time greets one with sheer boredom and leads in the frantic search of how one can indulge in the constructive use of time. In this era of fast communication, fast knowledge and fast speed, creative processes of spending quality time are relegated and from the very beginning, we are being brought up in the cult of technology. Irrelevant of the age group, a person is often seen to be hooked on to his assuring electronic gadget trying hard to find some interesting tactics to kill his time.

Let’s, delve in further to hunt for some simple but unconventional ways to make constructive usage of the time at your disposal when you are bored.

1) Scribble Giggle!

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The power of a smile can work wonders and often it is seen that even drawing a happy face on a piece of a paper can actually enliven one’s present state of drudgery. Thus, small acts of kindness like helping one’s mother with the household chore or your friend with his/her chock-a-block schedule can actually fetch you contentment and bring relief to the people around you also. As Ralph Waldo Emerson beautifully remarks that the “purpose of life” is to be “useful” and “compassionate” and to “make some difference” for those around you and also for your own self.

2) Food Feeds!

Most of us love gorging on our favorite scrumptious dishes but when why not explore our hands in preparing them also? Cooking can actually be a stress reliever and significantly help to lift one’s weary state of mind. Not only does it act as a respite but a delicious meal prepared is a feel-good factor also.

3) Grow a Life!

Those who are not keen enough for gardening can sometimes try their amateur hands with a few flowering plants. Such plants often bloom to please the eyesight but growing a life around always help in an individual’s transformation despite being an effective way to spend some time in catering to the plants.

4) Pour your Heart Out!

Often some figments of obscure visions that originates from the soul, gets absorbed in the mind. Often these thoughts indulge in a chaotic play with the heart and cannot be communicated easily. Try penning them down. Let the paper be the canvass where you can paint all your unspoken words and even your inhibitions. It need not be impressive but it might leave you with a good feel. Even if it is not happiness, feel what you feel, and voice them. You will breathe better.

5) Take a Stroll!

The feeling of claustrophobia often creeps in if for an entire day or a two one is shut inside the four walls and caught up in the loop of sheer nothingness. At such times, just simply lift yourself up and push yourself outside into the free air. Walk around your neighborhood or if you are of the archetypal adventure seeker, take a desultory bus or metro rides. After all, we are not bound by destinations always.

6) Street Iconography.

One’s city has a myriad of beautiful sights to offer. If you are a possessor of those keen eyesight which never fails to sight a mesmerizing sunset or the trickling raindrops on a leaf’s edge, then gear yourselves to capture them. Click! Click! Click!  Not only do you freeze a moment but photography being an art is an associated feeling also. With the hues of countless shades of life, you feel never get bored.

7) Archiving Hours!

Archive stores are an engaging means of employing leisure time. With their fascinating records of history and other facts, they never fail to beguile anyone. Often a gatherer of all ages, such stores have a plethora of collection where one can freely explore. One can be hooked onto a vintage find or a relatively contemporary object of interest and spend hours in adoring them.

8) Bookworm’s Paradise!

For those who are into reading and willingly indulge in the company of books for long hours, libraries or bookstores can be the perfect nexus for you. Mark Twain appositely observes: “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” Thus, book lovers can never have the time to even contemplate about boredom as the cornucopia of knowledge and contentment availed by reading is something unparalleled.

9) Flashback!

Often caught up in the monotonic existence of life, we tend to become detached from our close ones and the undesirable feeling associated with ennui finds its easy path. Rummaging through your old cupboard or storeroom in free time can astonish one by bringing back startling memories. A childhood album, or an old letter from a friend, or simply an object that ushers in the nostalgia of bygone years, can help one to introspect and even if the choking lump in your throat is an evanescent feeling it brings with it the essence of being rooted even when you are flowing.

10) Pampering your Room.

Look around. In the regular hustle and bustle of life, there lies a heap of unfolded clothes calling for your attention. The dust has accumulated on the books, don’t they deserve some care? What about the walls? Grab a brush and simply doodle on them. Let them come to life and speak to you. Even reorganizing your room demands a considerable span of time. Waking up or arriving in an organized and clean room, gives one a sense of gratification.

11)  Music Fervor.

Often when bored, we seek refuge in music as music is to the soul what words are to the mind. As everything in this world has a harmonious rhythm to it, be it the pattering sound of the falling rain or the rustling of leaves, thus music offers wings to the imagination and life to everything.  Thus, when words no longer are able to enwrap you, let the music begin.

12) Recycling!

Plenty of discarded handy objects surround us which could be given some concrete shape with the flow of creativity and patience. Candle making, some artwork with newspapers, paper mache crafts and such other things can be done for home decors. These engagements can help one to utilize time in a productive and inventive way. So reflect and make the best use of your resources.


13) Motion in Movies.

What can be more captivating then seeking a retreat in films! Most of us have that “must watch list” eagerly waiting for us to attend to them. Considering that some reel life sessions can be equally engaging, pick the one topping the list and make a beeline for it.

14) Shopper-Hoppers.

Pampering yourself with some new clothes or your favorite products once in a while can act as a kick-start in one’s boring routine. Even the simple process of window-shopping is time-consuming and requires worthwhile scrutiny. Bid adieu to boredom with some money in your pocket and take a leap towards the shopping mode.

15) Attain New Skills.

With boredom creeping in and with ample time at your disposal, why not devote it towards the blending of some knowledge with some creative intent. With the Youtube waving at you from a hand’s distance, go for some makeup tutorials or some Photoshop acquirement skills, or simply listen to some educational videos available online. It would surely assist in your accomplishment of some new skills or understanding and thus would be a fruitful usage of your time.


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