Blame it on the rising level of pollution, radiations, stress or uneven lifestyle that is directly affecting our skin. Hence giving rise to several skin problems. Our generation is suffering from the burden of skin diseases worldwide and stats are continuously on the rise. Conditions like eczema, psoriasis, allergies have become very common and almost every other person is found suffering from one or another. Hence making it really important to take in the note the health of your skin if you notice it reacting differently, the appearance of stubborn acne or rashes.

Remember an early treatment is always best to prevent the severity of disease, scars, and further damage. And that’s why I am going to provide you with Top 15 Most Common Skin Problems which should be your first priority to defend your skin against.

These are topmost problems which are usually caused by factors like pollution, use of cosmetics, excessive production of sebum, sun, clogged pores, hard bleaching of skin etc.

15. Acne

About 17 million Americans have been found having acne making them one of the most common problems worldwide. Acne is also a big putt off for some people as they may lead to loss of the confidence. Acne can be of different types and can spread to different body parts for different individuals. The appearance of acne is also majorly by hormonal functions in the early adolescence. Acne can be both Inflammatory and non-Inflammatory. Clogged pores are a major reason behind happening of many types of acne such as papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. The pores get clogged due to many reasons such as the excess production of sebum, accumulation of dead skin, the growth of bacteria, hormonal functions.
There are various ways of treating the acne but the most important thing is to be very wise and patient as any impatient approach or wrong product may make them severe or they may end up leaving marks and forever ending digs on your skin.
If your acne is old and stubborn then you should always consider approaching a dermatologist first as there can be various causes behind them which the common skincare products may not resolve. Out of various causes, the most common are varying weather conditions, excessive production of sebum, consumption of junk food, etc.

14. Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition in which patches of skin become inflamed, dry, itchy, rough and sometimes blistery. It is a widespread disease and it affects around 31.6% people just in the UK. The most common type of eczema is ‘Atopic dermatitis’. It takes in its grip the immune system and also leads to inflammation of the skin.
The proper treatment of eczema hasn’t been found yet. Doctors suggest different treatments based on the age of the patient. There are also various precautions to be taken at home which can prevent further severing of the condition but it is always advisable to seek out the medical help first.

13. Hives

Hives are the itchy red welts on the skin which can appear most commonly as a result of allergies reactions but there can be other reasons too. They can appear on any part of the body. They are red patchy bumps which can vary in sizes. People allergic to drugs and food may get hives more commonly than the other people. Stress can also cause hives. They usually disappear within 24 hours but if the reaction is severe and painful then medical help should immediately be sought.

12. Rashes

There can rarely be a human on the planet who hasn’t have a rash on their skin. Rashes are one of the most common types of the skin condition. They are often indicators of other major conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc. Rashes cause a patch of skin to get red, swollen and itchy. It is highly advised to not scratch the rash and treat it with some cooling agents, ice massage or skin ointments. But if the rash is persistent and spreads to other parts of the body then one should always turn to doctors for advice.

11. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a very common chronic skin disease which is directly related to the immune system. When a person’s immune system becomes overactive it causes inflammation inside the body and the psoriasis is the result which shows up on the skin. Psoriasis can be of different types and intensities. While in some people it may be of the level that it starts affecting their health severely, the other may face only occasional swelling, cracking or itching of the skin. Psoriasis hit about 79.7 million people around the globe and is usually found in adults. The common symptoms of psoriasis are patchy skin, dryness, and roughness, cracked skin, itching, plaque etc.

10. Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is a whole different problem which many people have to bear with. It is a lot painful and can be a result of lack of hydration and essentials oils from the skin. Usually, people with dry skin problems have to face this skin condition. This condition leads to itching, redness, blisters, cracks etc. To avoid sensitive skin one should take extra care of moisturization, and protection against the harmful sun rays.

9. Photosensitivity

As the name suggests this type of allergy happens because of sun rays. It causes hives to show up on the skin and lead to patchiness, itching, dryness etc. It is advised to use a good sunscreen with SPF whenever exposing skin to the sun.

8.Irritant Contact Dermatitis

This is the type of skin conditions which happen because of the use of cosmetics. The skin becomes irritated, sensitive, red and itchy.

7. liver spots

These are caused by ultraviolet damage and doesn’t really have to anything with the liver. These appear in the form of brown spots on the skin. Exfoliation, good cleansing and hydration routine are advised to combat them.

6. Scars

Not only do they tell stories but also remind you of the pain you once had to go through. Scars are the result of damage caused to skin’s collagen due to the injury. So when it heals, the skins pull through together even tighter which causes the appearance of the scar. Scars are often very stubborn and don’t go easily if old. It is relatively easier to treat the new scars.

5. White Spots

Again a condition the sun is responsible for. The harsh sun rays kill the melanocytes, the color producing cells and hence the skin discoloration happens. Visit the derma to consult and restore the skin pigmentation.

4. Stretch marks

The diminishing of skin elasticity due to sudden weight gain or loss is a major reason behind the appearance of stretch marks. The best way to treat the stretch marks is to treat them when they are fresh with moisturizers, retinoid cream etc.

3. Moles

Moles are often black clusters which your skin grow. Generally, moles aren’t dangerous but if you find your mole to be irregular then you should always get a checkup as it can also develop into melanoma, a dangerous type of cancer.
Ingrown hair
Sometimes hair curls back and grow inside the skin instead of growing out and it leads to various problems such as the growth of bacteria, pus, acne etc. Exfoliation and warm water treatments really help in this condition.

2. Sweet’s Syndrome

It’s a very uncommon skin condition which is generally marked by fever and red bumps on the skin. It doesn’t transfer from one person to another person. The causes behind this syndrome have been identified as genetic links, reaction to some medication etc.

1. Oily/Dry skin

Oily and dry are the types of skin but the type of your skin may also posses a threat to its quality and cause many problems such as excessive production of oil or sebum leading to acne, blackheads, sensitive T-zone etc while excessive dryness leads to sensitive irritated red and patchy skin.

To conclude the above list I’ll just advise you to go see a dermatologist if your skin problems are persistent and aren’t fading away with the use of normal skin care products. It’s always better to prevent a disease rather than curing it. In addition to that, a good skin care regime is also of utmost importance as it will hamper the growth of bacteria, acne, sebum and will also provide a good hydration which will balance out the PH levels of skin and will make it good in texture and health. Do comment down below and let us know that one step which is a significant part of your skin care regime.