Top 15 Simple Tips to Avoid Pimples

They are ugly, bloated, red and awfully nasty things that feature in our worst nightmares. Yes, you guessed it right. I’m talking about pimples. These sadistic little bumps take pleasure in making our lives a living hell, starting from the very moment one hits puberty.

When the skin’s oil glands become blocked and infected by bacteria, they result in those awful red bumps called pimples. They are painful and annoying, and it takes everything one has to resist popping them.  Thus, rather than crying, complaining and trying every product that claims to help you get rid of this nuisance called acne,  it is always better to follow some simple tips and tricks to prevent these tiny devils from making an appearance.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most effective hacks to avoid pimples and keep these troublesome zits at bay.

15. Wash that Oil Away

Make it a habit to wash your face twice a day. This simple act, when done regularly, helps to remove excess oil, impurities, bacteria and dead skin from your face, resulting in healthy, glowing skin. Steer clear of any harsh soaps and scrubs, using only a mild facial cleanser and your hands to wash your face. Rinse properly and use a fresh, clean towel to dry off.

14. Cut Down on Makeup

While we all love to look like an out-of-a-magazine-cover model by slyly using makeup to conceal our flaws and accentuate our features, this habit might be detrimental to our delicate skin, in the long run. Heavy, greasy foundations, followed by layers and layers of blush, highlighter, and concealer, all leave our skin and pores gasping for air. The result? Clogged pores and dreadful zits that make it impossible to step out the door.

Thus, take my advice, and avoid makeup as much as possible. And suppose that you absolutely cannot go makeup-free, try opting for light, oil-free, or non-comedogenic products. If you are still not convinced then check out this article which goes deep into the effects of makeup on the skin.

13. Eat Healthy, Wholesome Meals

A healthy, balanced diet is the key to achieving healthy, clear skin. Cut down on carbs and other dairy products, substitute them with fresh fruits and veggies. After all, your body is a temple. It’s your duty to keep it pure and clean.

12. Moisturize, Moisturize and Moisturize

Now, let me stop you there before you start droning about how acne-prone skin is already oily, and moisturizing will only make things worse. That’s a myth. Nothing but a myth.

Never skip moisturizing your skin. Ever. Why? Cause when you don’t supply your skin with moisture, it starts proactively producing more oil and sebum to make up for the loss, thus drastically worsening the situation. So, the solution to this problem is to pick a light, oil-free moisturizer that replenishes your skin and leaves it hydrated, but not greasy.

11. Don’t Skip your Workouts

Exercise for just 30 minutes every day. Working out can be a great pimple-buster, as it maintains hormonal levels in the body, helps to release harmful toxins and reduces stress, thus greatly reducing the chances of another pimple outbreak.

10. Refrain from Touching your Face

Even though we try our best to keep them clean, our hands are home to countless infection-causing bacteria and viruses. Thus, it is best that we avoid touching our faces with them. Same is the case with hair, as it also carries such microscopic troublemakers, and it is therefore advised to keep it away from the skin, as much as possible.

9. No Popping

Do not pop that pimple. Agreed, it is painful, scratchy and absolutely hideous, but popping it can make things SO much worse. Once you pop it, it further spreads the infection and results in inflammation and permanent scarring, in addition to causing a lot more pimples to appear, all because you popped that one tiny pimple. You don’t want all of that, now do you? You can read further about what happens when you pop a pimple here.

8. Wash those Filthy Towels

Maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene is very important when it comes to preventing an acne outbreak. Dirty, unwashed towels, pillow covers, and bed sheets serve as an ideal breeding ground for countless infection-causing bacteria, which spread to the skin, resulting in dreadful pimple breakouts. And, while you’re at, also give those long-forgotten makeup brushes and sponges a good wash, as they too have quite a role to play in case of germ propagation.

7. Let Aloe Vera Work its Magic

Aloe Vera is a popular go-to ingredient for multiple skin concerns, including acne and pimples. It helps the skin to get rid of excess oils, thus making it a perfect all natural pimple-fighter. How to use it? Grab a fresh leaf and slit it to obtain the gel. Regularly apply this gel all over your pimple-prone areas to beat those resilient zits and, at the same time, obtain bouncy, healthy skin.

6. Save some Orange Juice for your Skin

Orange juice contains citric acid, which acts as a great skin cleanser. To effectively prevent pimples, simply take some freshly squeezed orange juice and apply it using a cotton ball. Leave it on as you sleep, and rinse off in the morning. Stick with this routine to effortlessly get clean, oil-free skin free of any zits or pimples.

5. Try Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is loaded with antibacterial properties, and thus has the power to work wonders on your oily, pimple-prone skin. It helps to clean out oily pores and glands, while also killing off those pimple-causing germs for good. To get rid of acne, just apply the oil on your face directly and let it sit for a couple of hours, then rinse off. Incorporating tea tree oil into your daily beauty routine will leave you with beautiful, clear skin that others can’t stop envying!

4. Give it a Shot with Honey

Thanks to its antibiotic properties, honey makes a great ingredient to fight off pimples. Apply this viscous syrup to your face and leave it on for an about half an hour. Then, wash it off. This simple hack helps to reduce inflammation and lends the skin a soft, natural glow.

3. Make a Mask using Baking Soda

Baking soda finds its use beyond the boundaries of your kitchen as well, as it also serves as a great tool to get rid of and prevent pimples. Start off with a clean face. Then, make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with water. Apply this on the pimple-prone skin and let it sit for not more than 5 minutes. Moisturize the skin after washing it off, and you are good to go.

2. Drink lots of Water

Staying hydrated is extremely important. If your body feels a scarcity of water, it immediately reacts by producing more oil on the skin’s surface. What’s more, your skin becomes highly prone to inflammation and carries a dull, tired appearance. I’m sure you don’t want any of that. So, to prevent all of that, plus another acne outbreak, be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Many research has been already published on the benefits of drinking water for your skin.

1. Just Chill

I couldn’t stress this anymore: don’t take so much stress! Why? Other than all the other detrimental effects it has on your body, it also increases the chances of having an outbreak of acne. Studies have shown that long-term stress and tension results in the body producing more oil-simulating hormones, thus leading to oily skin and pimples. To summarize, just take a chill pill and relax, dude!

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