Prank calls are the super hilarious and best way to kill boring hours.

It usually knocks our mind wherever we are chilling with friends and cousins and ends with everybody rolling on the floor. A prank is indeed terribly amusing but always remember to not cross the limits while doing so. A prank that can hurt the person on the receiver end mentally or emotionally is a bit awful and violates the rule of pranks. The prank should be just a light hearted humour, when the person is completely off guard or have no clue of what’s happening. Any sort of damage to another person should not be a part of the process. Other than that, prank calls are funny and chucklesome, always add some loud laughs to the basket of merry memories.

To successfully pull off a prank you need a hell of confidence and wit, you cannot get nervous while doing the prank, moreover, you need to plan out in advance that what’s exactly you are going to say on a phone call. Many people miserably fail at to due to their boring ideas so if you are running out of prank call ideas here is the list to choose from :


1) Scary prank call

One of the best way to have fun to scare the crap out of somebody. This is the funniest and scariest idea, just call the person and build a cloud of suspense. Tell them that you once was a house owner or tenant of the place and soon the police will arrive there. When you can see that the other person is perfectly falling in the trap just tell them not to let police reach the garden area where you have buried a body and boom! The other person will be definitely frightened and see how long you can play the prank. Do not try this on somebody with a weak heart or can’t take a prank like this and in the end, must say it is all just a prank so that another person could be relieved.

2)Hopeless lover

This is the oldest trick ever to call someone and tell them how you are madly in love with them and persuade them to reciprocate. To make the prank realistic choose somebody you know and tell them how you used to notice them every Sunday on the corner seat of the cafe and in college premises or in badminton court. It will be absolute fun but don’t push it too hard and scare them like a crazy creepy stalker or just reveal to them afterwards before hanging up.

3)Who are you?

This is really fun but one with super wit can pull it off smoothly. Just call randomly and keep asking who are you to a stage they are annoyed and hung up but you should be able to engage for a minute or few to have some fun. It should not end within seconds you need to quirky and spontaneous enough and just see how long you can carry on baseless conversations.

4)Long lost relative

It is super fun to pretend somebody you are not. Just call a random person and tell them you are their father’s uncle’s niece’s son/daughter and just wanted to talk to them about some family’s old property issues. The other person will be super confused and annoyed and keep on playing the role until they cut the call. It will burst you into fits of laughter.

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5)Your property is sold

Just imagine telling it to somebody who never intended to sell it. Properties are always precious and built through hard-earned money so it is super scary to know that somebody just played you. To make them believe it give them the details of the property and owner’s name, location and everything and just see their reaction. Do not forget to tell the truth as it can get really problematic if somebody is so attached to it and cannot bear its loss so always choose the victim wisely and do not cross the boundaries.

6)Why did you leave me?

The most iconic prank to leave the person confused and devastated. Call the person and tell them how they have been so rude and careless towards you, how without guilt and thinking twice they left you, keep throwing the random questions that what was your fault, what happened and play the prank until one of you hangs up the call. It will be so hilarious to see how the person would react to a tragic heartbreak that he/she can’t remember.

7)Police searching for you

Cops cases are not very smooth usually, it’s not a surprise why people do not want to get caught up in any of their matters. Just call your friend or family and tell them that you are their well wisher and the police are searching for them and hung up. It will so fun to see them collecting the news and before they could ask anything, the call was cut.

8)Confirming a ticket

Call one of your friends and ask if had booked a ticket to a famous hill station once they say no hung the call and then dial again and ask the same question and convince them to book a ticket if they hadn’t yet. The other person will surely be annoyed if not by the prank, then at least by continuous ringing of the phone

9)Where is my pizza?

This is so funny just pretend on a call that you have ordered a pizza two hours ago and it hadn’t reached and the victim is the delivery guy. The person will be so confused or they may play along as it is a very common prank call idea.

10)Is your refrigerator running?

One of the oldest prank call ideas, harmless and effective. Call a random person to tell them you are from some electronic department and wanted to confirm that is their refrigerator running. Once they fall into the trap and a serious atmosphere has been built. Just blurt out, “then catch it” and hung up. This is so simple and fun.

11)You won free passes to a show!!!

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a show that too free? Call one of your friend who is passionate about shows and wanted to attend one from a long time then tell them that you were the 100th customer to visit our store on Sunday evening which managed you to get free passes to a popular show and that’s it. It will be so fun to see their reaction.

12)Ask for food they do not serve

A harmless prank call is to call a restaurant or something like call the dominos give the description of pizza you love the most and then ask them to pack burgers too. It would be incredibly fun to see what they will do and it will be completely harmless.

13)Job is done

Scary pranks are always fun, call one of your friends with some slight voice modulation so that they don’t recognize you, tell them that the job is done now what to do with the body. Do not laugh or else you will spoil the fun and, in the end, reveal the truth. It will be so amusing.

14)Bombarding survey questions

if your voice is quite professional and you can pretend like an employee from a survey company then this is the best prank as it involves conversation. Call a person and start asking some intrigued question that how’s the climate there, what is the quality of air and then shift to baseless conversations that why trees are green not purple and just carry on till you can.

15)Sing the birthday song

if you do not wish to do some serious prank then just call random and start singing happy birthday to you. Do not stop even if they try to this will be so annoying, either they will just hang up or listen to the whole song just to tell you that it is a wrong number.

16)Got a wallet

This is really a prank to check the traits of a person on the receiver’s end. Call a random person and tell them you got a wallet along with it their number and a good amount of cash. It will be very interesting to see if the person accepts it or deny it.

17)Win cash

Call a person and pitch a deal that you will win a good amount of cash if you will answer the questions. Start asking most silliest riddle until the person gets annoyed and hung up.

18)I know your secret

Call one of your friends who has been acting weird lately. Try to hit spot on with giving details of a place they recently visited or a person they met or lately they lied about something and then keep haunting them that you know their little secret. Either the person will give in or left confused both will be too funny.

19)Your bill

The easiest prank ever to call someone and ask them to pay for something they hadn’t bought or ordered. Keep telling them it’s not the right way to do it, you must pay for it. Finally when they will be annoyed and just reveal the truth and hung up.

20)Sell your policy

Just call one of your friends and ask them to invest in a super weird policy. Try to persuade them and keep the conversation going until they finally hung up.

Prank calls though are made for fun and time pass but it is always advised to do not end it terribly, it can be a legal offence so try to do it with family or friends only or somebody you know.