Top 20 health disadvantages of using mobile phones for long hours

Home is where the heart is, but today, the phone is where the heart is!

Rachitha Cabral


We are living a lot more easier life than our ancestors, surrounded by advanced technology and amazing machines. Everything has been developed to make our lives simpler. One such discovery is cell phones. Cell phones have been heralded as the most useful discovery of the nineties. Almost everybody now owns a mobile phone and most of us cannot imagine our life without them. No matter we are looking for entertainment, education or information, a mobile phone always comes in handy and never disappoints us. Markets offer a long queue of smartphones with almost uncountable numbers of features. No doubt cell phones are pretty amazing but are they just limited to favouring us? Or they have a long list of complications too?

Well, the answer to this question is slightly diplomatic. Anything will be complementing us till we are operating it, we are in charge. The moment we are driven by it, it becomes risky.

The mobile phones also similarly serve us several purposes but as it has so many applications, it just becomes impossible to keep our hands off it. Its magnetic attraction keeps us glued to it for such long hours which ultimately affects our health. Let’s see the top 10 health disadvantages associated with using mobile phones for long hours…

20.Put heavy strain on eyes

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs and really important too. It’s so often these days to see a kid barely 10 wearing those heavy spectacles and dealing with weak eyesight. It may be because of individual health issues or hereditary problems but mobile phones do have a role to play in some stories. It does not need any explanation of how the flash of your mobile screens is straining your eyes. The long hours are not making anything better. Many people have a complaint of eyes straining with consistent use of mobile phones. It is advised to avoid these devices as much as you can.

19.Cause hearing problems

One of the assets of smartphones is to just plug in your earphones, listen to your favourite lyrics and forget the worries of the world. It sounds amazing and feels amazing too but blasting music on a high volume may affect your ears permanently. The loud music on a regular basis for long hours can damage your hearing abilities quite disastrously or you may show sign of a hearing problem in later stages of your life so the best option to keep the volume low and hours less.

18.Tech neck issues

Tech neck is a fancy name for cervical kyphosis where your neck, upper back, spine and shoulders pain a lot. The discomfort is caused due to the slouching while using mobile phones. The condition arises when we bend our neck forward to peep into our phone screens.

17.Loss of focus

Cell phones are very distracting and tempting. As soon as a notification pops up, our attention shifts towards it but it is much more severe than it seems. Using phones on regular basis has reduced our attention span to 8 seconds in 2013 while the same was 12 seconds in 2000. This is alarming! No doubt those who overindulge in using mobile phones find it difficult to focus on other kinds of stuff.

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16. Messes with the memory

Do you remember contacts from the phone of your closed ones? or any relevant information used frequently stored in your device? If no then clearly you are over-dependent on your phone to memorize all the details which must be on your tips. This way your memorizing power gets a little disturb and it becomes even more difficult to remember the things. People in events often read their speech from a mobile phone, this is so common that we don’t pay any attention to it now but it is important to memorize some facts and figure, necessary numbers for the time of need.

15. Shunned social growth

Smartphones have replaced the fun of playgrounds, the chitter-chatter of restaurants, the family talks, the loud noise of classrooms and the buzz of social outdoor activities. It is ironic how smartphones are a major reason for mass communication and connecting the whole world yet their overuse does nothing but deprives us of the things closely available.

14. Distracting and fatal

Smartphones are not just part of our lives but they are heavily involved in daily routine. People use phones while driving, use phones while walking or jogging with plugs in and music on and many more. It is so common that traffic police uses warnings now. It is very unfortunate that we put our precious life at risk so easily.

13. Disturbs sleeping pattern

Nights were originally meant for sleeping but most of the people usually use them in ogling at their phone screens. Even if you manage to put your phone aside and decide to sleep at a time, the smartphone’s light is very strong and interferes with the hormones which induce sleep.

12. Damage spine

It’s not particularly with smartphones but anything that keeps you sitting slouching for long hours will cause hunchback and spine deterioration. It is very unhealthy and painful to sit like that for so much time. It can turn even more serious and problematic if not looked after early.

11. Mental pressure

Smartphones are directly linked to social media which can be health deteriorating at times. Social media either put up a happy successful optimistic face or show you the disturbing pieces of news. Both the ways for long hours it may create a sense of comparison, doubts of self-worth, panic and pensive sadness to emotional and sensitive people. If we do not take social media so seriously and let things go normally without getting too much emotionally trigger then things may be different but if you are looking at it every 5 minutes then it can really impact your mind.

10. Trigger Nomophobia

It is a sense of fear that arises without a mobile phone. By constantly using mobile phones, they have become a big part of our lives which lead to over-dependency and thus a situation called Nomophobia.

9. Not so germs free

We are so accustomed to taking our mobile phones everywhere we go even for a walk or while eating or many places where they catch germs and how much regularly do we clean it? Rarely. Your phone is probably carrying multiple germs all along which can severely damage your health if they are critical. Phones are a perfect way of contamination, we keep them close to us thus it becomes very easy for germs to contact us and affect our health.

8. Causes lungs contraction

This is shocking but mobile phones disrupt our natural posture so much that leads to lungs contraction if you splurge uncountable hours hunching over your smartphones. Lungs contractions lead to difficulty in breathing.

7. Cell phone elbow

Another problem from poor postures during mobile phones binge using is cell phone elbow. It caused when we keep our elbows bend for long hours which causes a disruption in blood flow and ultimately leading to inflammation and pain and suppression of a nerve called the ulnar nerve. The symptoms for the same include a feeling of numbness and pain in the forearm.

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6. Watch your thumb

smartphones require constant tapping and pressing which do not go well with your thumb muscles. If you use mobile phones for such long hours along with your thumb then after some time you may experience some aching in your thumb muscle. To avoid it you must learn to avoid phones when unnecessary.

5. Beware of occipital neuralgia

Cell phone effects in numerous ways just because while using phones our body go through a number of inappropriate postures. Tech neck was a miniature version of neck problems, occipital neuralgia is more severe and painful which is caused due to compression of the occipital nerve and results in headaches.

4. Temporary blindness

It is one of the super scary effects mobile phones can have on human beings. Bringing a phone to bed and watching with one eye in the dark when we lie on either side can lead to temporary blindness.

3. Changes perception

The way you think is something that makes you unique but your cell phones may interfere with it. Found in a study that reading from the screen does alter the way you think and prevents you from grasping unique abstract ideas.

2. Reduces grey matter

Grey matter is found in the brain so smartphones are unhealthy for your brain too. A study claims that people who are involved in various media like scrolling feed, listening to music, watching a show at the same time have reduced grey matter in their brains which messes with cognitive control.

1. Addiction to smartphones

All sorts of addictions are hazardous to health and life. They consume our time and creativity and yield nothing but regret and loss of time so using smartphones should be kept a minimum to avoid excessive reliance on these devices.