Haunted places are fascinating. Someone somewhere heard a cry, a whisper in the wind and decided it’s the call from the afterlife. It could have been the echo of the trees or an actual ghost playing peek-a-boo, we’ll never know. Regardless, the idea of a haunted place gives us a thrill that’s hard to explain. For some of us, it’s where we can gather evidence to prove something we believe in, that ghosts are real. For others, it’s the stubbornness to prove ghosts are a figment of our imagination. While some of us want to believe in the concept of ghosts so much that we’re willing to spend the night in terrifying and dirty places while cobwebs loom over us. So, here’s a list of 22 most terrifying haunted places on Earth for all of us to add on our bucket list.

22. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Ever wondered where how Japan has managed to produce some of the most chilling movies to date? Well, it’s safe to say a lot of inspiration has bled onscreen from real life events. Aokigahara Forest is one such place in Japan. Famous for being a hot suicide place for students, the belief that demons haunt the forest has been prevalent way before this discovery.

21. Bhangarh Fort, India

Various rumors surround this massive deserted land of imposing wall in Rajasthan. The most popular tale regales the story of a princess who became the object of affection of a dark arts practitioner. His bid to win her heart lands him at death’s door which ultimately result in him cursing the land for eternity.  A hauntingly beautiful gloominess surrounds the landscape since then. Visitors aren’t allowed inside the fort at night and before sunrise. The strangest of all is the apparent true phenomenon of the roof on houses collapsing shortly after it is built.

20. Poveglia, Italy

An island steeped in darkness, Poveglia was a place where thousands of Europeans suffering from plague were burned on giant pyres. Not only that, during the 20s, mentally ill patients were discarded in the asylum of Poveglia. A doctor is known for performing immoral experiments on patients- whose death came by falling from the bell tower. Now an abandoned land, the belief is that the tortured continue to wander there. The Italian tourism board forbids tourists from visiting the island. But when has that ever stopped ghost adventurers?

19. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky, USA

A hospital for patients suffering from tuberculosis during the 20th century, the underground tunnel- also known as “the body chute”- at the bottom of the sanatorium was used to dispose bodies of dead patients from there to the hills. It’s now supposedly haunted by the souls of those patients. Room 502 of the sanitarium is believed to contain the ghost of a nurse who died from unnatural means. Foreboding to the eye and sprinkled with ghostly rumors, the sanatorium is one scary place.

18. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

A young girl, a high priestess and an incubus, the Ancient Ram Inn has all the kinds of ghosts you could ask for. Its tales of horror, however, hasn’t managed to deter ghost hunters and visitors from spending a night at the Inn, keeping it well in business.

17. Pennhurst Asylum, Pennsylvania

The breeding ground of a good horror story seems to be the mental hospitals. Pennhurst is no different. Its history of malicious treatment towards its patients during the 20th century has led the hospital to be called the shame of Pennsylvania at one point. Shadows, the apparition of nurses, loud noises, and harsh whispers, it’s a wonder how a place like that is not only open to the public but is also a huge tourists attraction spot.

16. The Island of Dolls, Mexico

Located in the south of Mexico, the small island one witnessed the drowning of a little girl, the details of which are still unknown. The island full of decapitated and mutilated dolls has been collected by the man who found the girl. The popular belief is that the spirit of the girl resides in the dolls.

15. Changi Beach, Singapore

One of the most haunted beach park in the world, members of the Chinese were executed on Changi Beach during the war on suspicion of being anti-Japanese. A tourist hotspot during the day, sounds of strangled crying, headless bodies with blood trailing behind them, and holes in the shape of graves is an everyday thing here.

14.  Orange Purut Cemetery, Indonesia

You don’t expect cemeteries to not be haunted, do you? This one is apparently haunted by a priest who abused young girls and his black dog. The local beheaded the god messenger as a form of retribution.  Its beautiful lush greenery during the day is contradicted by spirits and otherworldly creatures at night.

13. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station, Kolkata, India

One of the busiest metros stops in town, this train station is a witness to many suicides. Passengers and even the train drivers have reported seeing shadows on the tracks and pillars. Ghosts waiting for the ride with you, not a fun experience, right?

10. Forbidden City, China

Presumed to be haunted by the thousands of concubines who were slaughtered during the reign of Emperor Yongle and by his order, Forbidden City is surprisingly not forbidden from the public eye. Screaming, kicking, fighting, apparition and blood spots, it’s a party here during the night when it’s shielded from the public eye.

9. Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia


Mrs. Crawley, the owner of this notorious red brick lavish mansion never came out of the house for 23 years. Even death couldn’t do her part from her home. Flickering light, voices, drop in room temperature and suspicious accidents, Monte Cristo Homestead is one of Australia’s most haunted place.

8. Fern Hill Hotel, India

After multiple reported cases, there was no choice but to shut Fern Hill hotel down. The most popular of the cases being one of when Saroj Khan, a famous dancer and her crew heard the sound of furniture being moved at night, even though, as it turned out, the hotel didn’t have the first floor in the first place.

7. Highgate Cemetery, England

It’s hard to tell if Twilight lovers would be creeped out or become more inspired to find their frozen prince charming. It’s the roaming ground of a 7 feet tall vampire with-wait for it- time stopping abilities. The resting place of 1,70,000, Highgate has reported many supernatural visits, but after the body of a decapitated woman was found, the vampire lore won the lot

6. Moundsville Penitentiary, West Virginia

This correctional facility has a history of men killing men, men being punished to death on the electric chair and the most common method, by being hanged. Closed in 1995, Moundsville still gets visits from the souls who died before their time. An abandoned building littered with spirits of criminal, just the vacation of our dream.

5. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Gloomy clouds hang over the castle on a good day, add to that reports of apparitions of dogs, drummer, and piper- the castle is quite the musical place. Scientists and volunteers alike have reportedly seen ghosts here.

4. Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa

This home with no plumbing or electricity had to bear witness to the tragic events of the murder of a husband, his wife, their four children and two young girls who were staying overnight. Since then, people have seen a man with an ax, crying children and cases of poltergeists.

3. Akershus Castle, Norway

This fortress cum prison used to be a site of Nazi execution. Why it’s now haunted by a woman wearing a rob and Malcanisen dog, no one can tell. Rumor has it that whoever gets to catch a glimpse of the dog has also signed for their death in the near future.

2. Screaming Tunnel, Canada

Located beneath the railway tracks, a young girl who was aflame died beneath the tunnel while searching for help after her house caught on fire. A tragedy that happened 100 years ago, if you light a fire inside the tunnel, you can hear the screams of the girl and the fire is put off even without the presence of a breeze.

1. Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

A black dog, a tall man, and a noisy woman- these are the occupants of this castle. If the guards are to be believed, all of them have at least seen one of the spirits during their service.  What makes the stories believable is how the woman supposedly stopped making an appearance after her body was excavated from near the castle ground. It’s hard to tell if you’ll have the pleasure of being visited by one of the ghosts, but if it doesn’t work out, you’ll at least get to appreciate the scenic beauty.