They say girlfriends are hard to impress, and it is not easy to understand your girlfriend. True that, to some extent. The problem is that boyfriends, whether they won’t make an effort or they would make too much of it. What matters are those small things. And you don’t always need to spend your whole salary or pocket money to impress someone. All you need to do is make her feel special and express how she’s the one in your life.

“Love cures people—both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.”

—Karl Menninger

Love is a verb after all – it’s all about what you do. So you must make all those efforts and ensure that she knows that you do care and she matters to you. And it’s not a one-time thing, you need to make those little efforts regularly. Coming into a new relationship is not a big deal. What matters is how long do you actually stay together. Love is not about who comes, it’s about who stays.

Impress girlfriend

There is no secret to impress your girlfriend. It’s important that you try to understand and really get to know her. Not everyone likes candlelight dinners, some prefer a tea date by the side of the road. So, get to know her, ensure that you know her likes and dislikes by heart. We’re going to talk about 10 simple yet effective ways you can impress your girlfriend. Go through them and pick some if you think she is going to love it.

10. Compliment her

We have heard girls saying that their boyfriends change eventually. Boys do compliment or flirt at the very start of the relationship, with days passing – they just stop appreciating their lady. As if, they don’t need to make efforts once they are in a relationship. That’s just not true. You should appreciate her and your relationship each passing day. You don’t need to google pickup lines or lines to compliment your girl, just be honest with her. Say how beautiful she looks, or how grateful you are to have her. These are small things (not going to cost you), but they are important to every relationship. Compliment her as she wakes up and when she goes to sleep. She’s going to appreciate this for sure.

9. Respect her and her closed ones

Never disrespect her. It doesn’t matter how angry you are, don’t disrespect her. Remember that she is the love of your life. If there’s a hard situation, remember that she counts on you, she needs you by her side. She notices when you actually respect her, and she always appreciates that. A girl can never be happy with a guy who disrespects her. She doesn’t deserve that.

And don’t disrespect someone close to her. If they matter to her, if they are someone important in her life, it’s imperative that you respect them too.

8. Cook for her

If you are the one cooking in your relationships, it’s fine. But if she is the one cooking, and you have no idea about how to even turn the gas on, give it a try once in a while. Take help if you need it. It can be your mother or a friend of yours. Visit YouTube – they would guide you through boiling water too. Or, google some recipes, or ask people. It can be morning tea or a chicken dish at dinner. When she finds out that you are making all these efforts just to ensure that she wakes up with a tea by her bedside, she is going to absolutely love it. You might fail, there can be a problem with the recipe – she still is going to get impressed.

7. Sing her a song

If you are a singer and are good at it, devote your whole day to singing songs to her. Even if you are not into singing, get up and make some efforts. Girls absolutely love it when their boyfriends dedicate a song to them. Visit YouTube, take help from a friend of yours, try to hit the notes right. You might not have a gifted voice, or the notes might not hit perfectly. Doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are doing all these just for her. She is still going to love it even if your voice isn’t perfect. You don’t need to be shy about it, she’s your girl after all.

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6. Surprise her

Surprising her is another way to impress her. Girls love surprises, however small they may be. Do the unexpected. Surprises are going to excite her, you can see it on her face. It can be a date, or it can be a gift, anything which you think is going to make her happy. Every gesture you do for her, with love, she is going to accept the same, with love.

5. Bring her flowers

Flowers are something girls love. They like the scent of it, the very sight of it. Make an effort and do gift her flowers daily, she will always appreciate it. Remember that, not every girl likes the same flowers. Not every girl loves Roses, some of them might prefer sunflowers, or some may like Orchids more. Always know what to gift. Every flower is beautiful in its own way, gift her favorites. It can be early in the morning when she wakes up, or when she goes to bed, it can be anytime. You can also place it on their hair or ears, some love wearing flowers.

4. Dinners

Take her out, at dinners once in a while. You must know her taste and her likings. Most of them prefer candle-lights, some of them might prefer something else. Ask her out, dress properly and spend the night together. Let her order, the starter, the main course, and the dessert too. It’s her day, she deserves it. Make sure that she feels special.

3. Treat her well

She might be working at an office, handling business, or her home, she is tired at the end of the day. Ask her if she needs anything. If she doesn’t , give her a massage. Serve her dinner, give her ice patches or make some tea. If she feels sick, ask her about her medications and take proper care. Ask her to take rest and do some of her works so that she can.

2. Make her laugh

Sense of humor is an important part of a relationship. Girls like to laugh and like their boyfriends to make them laugh, to be honest. They love laughing their heart out at some joke you cracked. Make some effort, bring that smile on her face. Don’t cross the bar though, make sure you are in the line, try not to overdo it. It will come naturally. It’s just you and her.

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1.     Ask her about her day

Make sure that you ask her about her day, regularly. She should have that space to share her feelings and stories with you. You need to make that space, it’s your responsibility to make her feel more comfortable. Ask her about her work, about the interactions she had, join her and laugh with her at the stupid things she did today. Try to comfort her if anything went wrong. Make sure you are there for her. That’s it. That’s all she needs from you.